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More Fun With Indices!YouTube Movie Rentals: Signal New Revenue Opp for Google?New York Times Offering Paid Content in 2011Reciprocity and a More Authentic WorldScott Brown, Climate Change, and YouFarewell to Conan and the Best Los Angeles Architecture Montage EverPETA, Rejoice: The Cosmetics Industry Has a Replacement for Animal TestingRecession Style Watch: Introducing Industrial RusticHow Sustainability Survived the Great RecessionInfographic of the Day: An Engineer’s Guide to DrinkingThe Tablets of Our DreamsPole-Dancing at P.S. 1: SO-IL Wins 2010 Courtyard Installation Amid ControversyReally Roughing It: Five Hotels Built From Unexpected MaterialsHe’s Conquered Burger King and Microsoft, but Can CP+B’s Alex Bogusky Oversee 32 Agencies?New York Tries Rainbow-Colored Re-design of Ugly Scaffolding (Pot of Gold Not Included)A Very Low-Tech Zoomable MapMichael Arad Offers Sneak Peek at 9/11 Memorial FountainsGoogle’s Financial Results: Upswing Indicator?Digg Getting a Real-Time and Social Sharing RefreshApple Tablet Rumor Round Up: Countdown to CupertinoAlmost Genius: Augmented Reality as a Design-Gimmick for Urban CoolhuntersRobocalypse Alert: New Transistor Mimics Synapse FunctionsQuestionable Trend of the Week: Expired Grocery Food TradingAbout 20% of U.S. Consumers Would Buy Apple’s Tablet, at a Good PriceHow Much Energy Will the 2010 Olympic Games Use?Genzyme: Good; Genzyme Movie With Han Solo, George of the Jungle: BadWhat Haiti Really Looks Like Now, in 360-DegreesPolycom and Juniper Team to Solve Age-Old Telepresence Problem: CommunicationManagers are what it is all about to retain women, by Telle Whitney, President and CEO, Anita Borg InstituteThe Sustainability Message Imbedded in AvatarPre-Fabricated “Transparency” Strains CredibilityWhat is the future of print publication? Rise or demise?What Type(face) are You?FLUID STUDIO SPONSORS MENTOR MIXER FOR NATIONAL “THANK YOUR MENTOR DAY”AT&T to FCC — It’s Time We Moved OnThe Coolest Careers in 2030: Space Architect and Body-Part DesignerUsing LinkedIn & Twitter to Build a Digital ReputationInspiring Innovation Series: Workshop WondersWhy App Stores Are Not the Business Model for the 21st CenturySundance Film FestivalChina Wants Its Own Version of the NYC High LineJunkitectureComing Soon: Solar-Powered iPhones?Smart Mud: The New Plastic?Spanish Starchitect Calatrava Tackles Designing Sets for NYC BalletFortress-chic: SOM Tries to Lighten Up a Bunkerific 911 Call CenterProfits Are “Green,” Too!Facebook Buys Dedicated Data Center, Could Servers Be Far Behind?Amazon Adds Apps to the Kindle, Speeding the Death of E-ReadersThe Investor Game of ChickenScience: Skilled Gamers Have Bigger Brains (but Smaller Necks, Bodies?)Scale: Your Blackberry’s Never Helped You Close a Deal Quite Like ThisPhilosophy Is Back in BusinessMailin’ Goes ElectricGoogle Opens a New YouTube Front in War With AppleScott Brown is a Good Sign for Barack ObamaSnowboarder Shaun White Just Built the Secret Playground You’ve Dreamed of Since Age 13Walmart’s Sustainability Consortium Developing Green Label for ElectronicsNew York State Economic Recovery to Be Faster This Time Around (and Will Feature a Soundtrack)The Supreme Court Doesn’t Understand GlobalizationOur Objects, Ourselves: BBC Looks at Two Million Years of Our StuffArms Race: London’s Olympic Stadium to Be Made From Guns and KnivesGetting your Baby Boomer product on the shelvesBean Counters No More: Starbucks Finding Success by Thinking LocalTurning Boring Old Chemical Engineering Into Design SexinessAfter Coakley’s Loss: Dems Must Wake Up, Move Left, Be Powerful“Up in the Air,” Work+Life Fit Allegory for the EraObama: America’s First Fast PresidentBig in 2010: Our Corporate Identity ProgramSustainability is OverratedNASA’s Puffin Is a 300mph Jet Pack With a CockpitRecession Style Watch: Introducing Industrial RusticStanding Out in 2010: Rise of the Differentiation DivaGoogle, iTunes Pitch in Haiti ReliefWelcome to UnretirementNational Pavement ExpoChurch Bench Transforms Into Bed for the Homeless… By DesignSolar Power Stars in Haiti Relief EffortsBest of TreeHugger: A Business Model Built on Saving Endangered Species, Green Walls in Portland, and Apple’s Smart Grid VentureE-Readers and Tablet PCs Are About to Get Screen-TasticWanna Know How Your Neighbors Spend Their Money? It’s All on Bundle.comThe White House on Your iPhone: A Propaganda Tool?Amazon, Scared of the Apple Tablet, Tweaks Its Kindle Publisher’s CutEgg-spanding Architecture: dmvA’s Unfolding EggIntel’s Read-aloud Reader: Breakthrough for Dyslexics, Vision for the BlindAre 3-D Printers About to Hit the Mainstream?As More Use “Twitter for Credit Cards” Service, Retailers Getting Blippy With ItInfographic of the Day: How Aid Is Getting to HaitiAlmost Genius: A Development Platform for Creating Your Own Electric CarInfographic: Which Communities Are Slipping the Economic Hardship Chokehold?Augmented Reality for Architecture GeeksChinese Automaker Aims to Build Italian-Designed Future Car … in AlabamaThe U.S. and Canada Fight Over Who’s the Biggest Joke of the 2010 ExpoBoxee Joins the Big League: Announces Paid Content Net TV PlansFrom Walmart Parking Lot to your Living Room: Cast-Off Shopping Carts for the HomeiPhone 4.0 Rumor Round-UpWhat Does Avatar Have to Do With Haiti?Cass Green Gym: The First Gym for the HomelessHotel Chains Built Them, So We Will ComeIs Public Transportation Too Public?Global Greening & Meaning: Finland’s & Sub.fiWyclef Jean’s Haiti Foundation: A Cautionary TaleReshmi: What Advice Would You Give Other Entrepreneurs?Can You Tell If These Buildings Are Designed by Women?Dare to Share?How To Value Your Startup BusinessGroupon & Kiva: Building on the CrowdTHE ‘NOT-INVENTED-HERE SYNDROME’ PREVENTS INNOVATIONTHE ‘NOT-INVENTED-HERE SYNDROME’ PREVENTS INNOVATIONGoogle vs. China Round 2: China Underlines Its Laws, Google Stops Android Roll-OutSEED Shipping Containers Could Supply Haiti With Emergency HousingEmoti-Cons: Of Course I’m Paying $1.99 for a Universal Sarcasm Mark2010 Investment OutlookInfographic of the Day: Where the Jobs Will Be in 2018Acer Ditches Toxic Substances in New LaptopsStem Cell Pork’s Been Grown, but Not Even the Researchers Dared to Eat ItGoodbye I, Hello We: The Decade of InterdependenceFrank Gehry Walks Away From a $250 Million JobWhy You Should Start a Company in… New YorkApple’s ‘Latest Creation,’ and the Latest Rumors About the iSlate TabletNew York’s Architectural Eyesores Become Public ArtWhite Roofs, Vampire Loads, and the Quest for EfficiencyNo, We Really Don’t Love You Beary Much: Help Redesign Valentine’s Day!Stephen Colbert Models Humanitarian Design ProductsDel Taco’s New Look: Babes, Little People, Exploding MeatWho Taught These Employees How to Serve?Coke’s Dept. of FannovationBlack Web’s Next UpHalo Heroes Play for Salvation of HaitiThe Power of Partners DuexMasdar City Testing EVs That Drive ThemselvesSix Speed Tips From the World’s Fastest Texters [VIDEO]Building a Better Mentor Relationship – Virtual Connections or Actual Face Time?A Whole New (Cognitive) WorldThe Seven Most Expensive iPhone Apps, Starting at $1,000How to Avoid Wearing White Socks on TVSafer Bike Lanes Come Down to EarthBookmark It! “Work+Life Fit in 5 Days” Series Wrap-upGoogle Tries to Win User Trust: Asks for E.U. Privacy Dances With Vice’s VBS.TV, Sub Pop Records in a Way Lou Dobbs Would Never Approve OfOnline communications channels: Interaction vs. Distraction?Dining-Room Hideaway: Ingrid Brandth’s Daily ShelterPodcast – Women Entrepreneurs, Financial Crisis, Web Entrepreneurship, & Social MarketingArizona Cities Reach into their Pockets to Help EntrepreneursBen & Jerry’s Board Member Terry Mollner on the Sweetness of a Values-Led BusinessTop 5 Predictions in 2010Western Union’s Business Competition Spurs Financial Investment In AfricaHow Insistence Works