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FiercenessThe Day before ThanksgivingGuerrilla Job Search TacticsSTEM Picks Up SteamGreenBuild, Opportunity Green and Good And Green: Overall Trend in Companies who Are Planning to StayCOMMAND AND CONTROL: INNOVATION NEEDED!Dirty Secrets Behind the Contagious Marketing of CleanThe Princess and the FrogSandia’s Sunshine-to-Petrol Machine Turns CO2 Into FuelAspen Report: The TED-Types Roll Up Their Sleeves for Social DesignHelsinki Named World Design Capital for 2012McDonald’s Logo Turns Green in GermanyAdidas and Star Wars Form an Imperial Shoe ForceGame Developers Turn Roadside Attack Footage Into Up-to-the-Minute Training SimulationsMaximum Sex Appeal, Minimum Carbon FootprintFishing Rods From Carrot Sticks and Canvas Made of Concrete?! Seven Amazing MaterialsTiVo Hops Across the Atlantic, Gets Into Virgin’s BoxMaking the Mall More Family-FriendlyThe Best Smartphones on Every CarrierStella Artois Ditches Old-Time Campaigns, Creates Retro “TV” StationInfographic of the Day: Obama’s Approval Is Cratering! So What?Will Google’s Rich Media Ads Drive Users Insane?Xtreme Power’s 20-Year Battery Works Even After Being Machine-GunnedWikileaks Replaying 9/11 Via Hacked Pager MessagesGM Volt’s Alert System: It Won’t Sound Like Blade RunnerShould Firefox Hold the Key to Your Identity With a 1-Click ID Button for the Web?AT&T Gets Annoyed by Net Neutrality, Opera Mobile Gets Squashed by ChinaThe Human Rights Campaign Calls Out StinkersiPhone Owners Spend More Money — and Not Just on Apple HardwareApocalypse Now: Scenes from the Industrialized WastelandHEAT WAVE: Castle’s Best-Selling StrategyMaking the Mall More Family-FriendlyFishing Rods From Carrot Sticks and Canvas Made of Concrete?! Seven Amazing MaterialsRise and Sprawl: How Los Angeles Came to BeVoIP’s Success in 2009 and BeyondWho’s Hiring – Week of 11-23-09Social Capital and Friend 2.0Social Capital 101Are Investors Hedging, Or Is Your Baby Ugly?Perk Up, USA: You’ve Still Got Your Innovation MojoRumor Mill: Tesla Preparing to Go Public, Opening Plant in Downey, CAPlumen Twists Your Ideas of a Low-Impact Light BulbInfographic of the Day: Black Friday Might Be Pretty Good (Fingers Crossed!)Best of TreeHugger: Landmine-Detecting Bacteria, a U.S.-China Electric Car Deal, and Solar Cells that Work UndergroundThe Case Against Lowercase: Design Experts on Re-branded Aol. [VIDEO]KiBiSi: A New Danish Product-Design SupergroupThe 3 “Must Have” Gifts to Give & Receive this Holiday Season Guaranteed to Reduce Your StressAirlines Charge Less for More SufferingPut Your Keyboard Down, and Back Away From the Rapid Prototyping MachineThe Droid – No Compromises?Smile at Your Competitors to Gain Market ShareGoogle’s Digitizing Iraqi Historic ArchivesHey Apple, I’m Not Paying $200 for a Black KeyboardLatest Hunch Report Says That Mac Users Are More Individualistic Than PC PeopleGoogle and TiVo Make a Deal: Your Commercials Are Going to Get a Lot More PersonalThe End Of My Physical Newspaper DaysVolvo Opens Its CO2 Pedometer to ConsumersSolar-Powered Plane Prepping for Round-World TripTruly Visionary Leaders Create More Visionary LeadersRise and Sprawl: How Los Angeles Came to BeToday’s Vision of Tomorrow: Jeff Bezos and Virgin Galactic Flying You to SpaceFive Ways to Leverage Generation Differences and Create Better Places to WorkStatkraft Opens World’s First Osmotic Power Plant in NorwayCelebrity Tools: Micro Video Captures the Tweets and Tribulations of B- and C-ListersJeff Bezos Wants to Fly You to Space and 10 Other Tryptophan-Free Stories This Week on Fast CompanyIf the Delivery Guy Drops Your Package, Senseaware Updates You OnlineWho’s Firing – Layoffs week ended 11-20-09Got Courage? Then You’re in BusinessThe Hills Are Alive, in Google’s Swiss HQ [UPDATED: New Pics]ICSID World Design Congress Singapore 2009Getting High on Pot Profits, ManHOMErgents Bring Refugee Shelters Back to BasicsInfographic of the Day: The Cost of Getting SickInside James Cameron’s Head: Avatar, F-Bombs, and Hundreds of Millions of DollarsChicks With Bricks: The World’s Tallest Female-Designed SkyscraperAol. A Shrunken New Logo for a Shrunken Company [UPDATED]Undead Tech: Apple’s Magic Mouse Has Trackball Bad-AssitudeAs DVD Sales Flail, Can Direct-Mail Help Indie Film Avail?Today’s Vision of Tomorrow: Circulation Stats, News Corp. Say Bits Replace Ink for NewsprintIntel Health Guide Brings Virtual Doctor Visits to the MainstreamFamed Industrial Designer Konstantin Grcic Curates Two Design ExhibitionsWhy I Write Like a Pre-teen Girl in Emails, lol ;-) !!!60 Years Later, Everyone’s Still Loving the AK-47Rampaging Elephant Gadget Inspired by ‘Star Wars’?The $120K Gold Bicycle, the $15K Hammock, and Other MonstrositiesAndroid Gaining Ground in Mobile Browsing WarsRon Arad Rips Off Richard Serra in His First Major BuildingBecome a Fan to Lower Prices for All: Is Intel’s Facebook Ad the Future of Advertising?If eBooks Are the Future, Do Publishers Have a Plan?Symbiotic Green Wall Makes Any Building Project GreenHow to Build a More Effective Nonprofit Sector by Transforming BoardsIt’s Almost Thanksgiving, Do You Know Where Your Next Job Is?Can Linkedin Company Pages Help You Find Unadvertised Positions?The 12 Best and Worst Digital CharactersTim Burton at the Museum of Modern ArtCan MySpace Re-Invent Itself?Microsoft Office 2010 Moves to the CloudGoodGuide iPhone App Scans Bar Codes for Environmental and Health RatingsToday’s Vision of Tomorrow: Digital Music From Mobile Pandora, Sony’s iTunes RivalGet Your Hands DirtyDesign Nirvana: Lego Teams Up With MujiTim Burton at the Museum of Modern ArtNendo Brings Minimalist Magic to New Issey Miyake ShopInside the Vamp-artment of Twilight’s Edward Cullen, Buy It for $3.3M!SocialCycling Turns Unrecyclable Products Into Usable ItemsThe 12 Best and Worst Digital CharactersInfographic of the Day: The Brains vs. Beauty QuandryFriday Fun: Eight Ways to Kill an IdeaIBM Technology Offers Real-Time Analysis of Forest FiresAd With Dying, Computer-Animated Polar Bears Stirs ControversyLeading in Social Media MonetizationThe Eco-Conscious Thanksgiving Menu: Now Serving Greens!Watch Out Apple, Amazon: Qualcomm’s E-Reader Will Play Color VideoGiving ThanksWorkers Under Threat: Blamefest Stunts Innovation [Ed. Note: Who Wrote This Headline?]Looking for New Homes? Google’s Got an App for That TooBe social and the networking will follow.Can Chegg Beat the Kindle at the Textbook Game?Intel’s Mind-Reading Chips: Replace Your Mouse With Your BrainBlog FAIL: What was I thinking?!Drive a Mercedes with Your iPhone and Nine Other Mind-Blowing Stories This Week on Fast CompanyComScore’s New Study Finds Dope on “Movie Junkies”Can Protein Sciences Produce a Swine Flu Vaccine in Time? Update: Likely NoHow Sun Microsystems Fans the Flames of Employee PassionStudy Says Compressed Air Cars Are a Pipe Dream–Focus on EVsFour Ways to Create a Better FutureWhat Do Presidential Libraries Say About Their Namesakes’ Legacies?What Is Undermining USA Job Creation?Web on the Big Screen Gets 13 Channels, We Will, We Will Roku!