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Have you Been Affected by the Holiday Effect?A Penny Saved Is…The Enduring Genius of Dieter RamsMarketing a Social CauseThe Impact of the Web on SustainabilityHow to Win BusinessHow Your Small Business Can Grab the Green Business SpotlightThe Enduring Genius of Dieter RamsWorld Congress on Disabilities ExpoGM: Don’t Worry, the Volt Will Arrive on TimeSt. Louis Gets Its High Line: Citygarden Sculpture ParkApple Exec’s Backyard Is Designed for BarfingSix Decades of Monumental Architecture: Skidmore, Owings & MerrillDutch Break Ground on Fruit Cake–Looking Building, Just in Time for HolidaysInfographic of the Day: 30 Free Web Sites for Online PromotionWill Microsoft’s Pivot Reinvent How You Surf the Web?Clients From Hell: The Problem With Design? It’s the Clients, Not the DesignersiPhone You Can Drive My Car, If It’s a New Mercedes AnywayYouTube Now Reads Your Lips for Automatic Captions, KindaApple Tablet Delayed, but With OLED Screen and Condé Nast MagsSanyo Decides Batteries and TV Aren’t Enough, Enters Home MarketOne-Hour Furniture: Godspeed Makes Its Pieces in Under 60 MinutesThe Gunn Report’s Most Decorated Ads Include Interactive for the First TimeCE Association Ruffles Feathers at the Mere Hint of Limiting Flat-Screen SalesHara Scores Big With News Corp Energy Management DealHank Risan on BlueBeat’s $20 Million Gamble…on 25-Cent Beatles Tracks?IBM Simulates a Cat-Like Brain: AI or Shadow Minds for Humans?Gushing About L.A.’s Cleverly-Disguised Urban Oil FieldsHow to Write a Book Proposal That SellsMicrosoft Opens Surface “Interactive Table” SDK for FreeOutsourcing Just the 1.0Do Media Directorships Influence Content?The weight of StoryThe Power of Positioning! Part 2Connecting to the Creative GeekYouTube Direct Enlists Citizen JournalistsHOW TO GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS-AS-USUAL TRAPHOW TO GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS-AS-USUAL TRAPOpening Today: Konstantin Grcic’s “Decisive Designs” at the Art Institute of ChicagoWal-Mart’s Deli Pizza Box Is Surprisingly SustainableToday’s Vision of Tomorrow: EntertainmentCommunity Wind Gets a Boost on Maine’s Fox IslandsL.A. Is the Creative Capital of the World: ReportMethod’s People Against Dirty Campaign Reveals Naked Truth About Household ProductsWhat CSI Can Teach Us About Shopper BehaviorVistaprint Disrupts a Six-Century-Old IndustryMOCA Shakes Off Blue Phase With a 30th Anniversary PartyRaw Honesty as a Social Media Strategy (Part 2): Ford MotorsHow To Be Effective at Social MarketingCan Design Thinking Solve Your Problems and Make You Happier?Mapping Job Loss Live! In Gloomy Color!2009 Encore Opportunity Award Winners…Retirement, RedefinedExpert Labs: Blogging Pioneer Anil Dash’s Tech Incubator for the .GovNeed motivation to change the status quo?Who’s Hiring – Top employers week of 11-16-09Nine Chairs Designed to Save the WorldThe Big Pileup: Social Networking SitesThe Top Ten Meeting PersonalitiesInfographic of the Day: A Chronology of the Gay Marriage DebateEcoFactor Wins Cleantech Open CompetitionChrome OS Is Still Not an Attack on WindowsResponsible Travel Dumps Carbon Offsets, Says They Encourage Wasteful ConsumerismConference Organizers: Bag the SwagThe Most Important Most-Important-ThingOpening Today: Konstantin Grcic’s “Decisive Designs” at the Art Institute of ChicagoTumblr, the Next Emerging Platform?Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ryan Paugh from Brazen CareeristFirst Look: Coke Juices Up Its MinuteMaid PackagingDear Gadget Reviewers: You Don’t Understand BeautyHow about a reality show titled “my so-called expertise?”Facebook, Chase Team Up for Crowdsourced Philanthropy ProgramBest of TreeHugger: The New, Efficient Autopilot Driving System, a Rot-Proof Apple, and Toxic Oil-Absorbing Carbon NanotubesNew Roadmap for EVs Still FizzlesA Wood Sound System That Does Both the Planet and Your iPod GoodArchitects Envision “Algae Pontoon” Parks Linking Brooklyn, Manhattan, Governors IslandArt House: The Private Spaces of 8 Great ArtistsNike’s New Tokyo Store: Serious Sole Power!Networked Body Smackdown: Fitbit vs. DirectLifeEtsy’s Artists Are Totally Not StarvingNew iPhone Robot Remote-Control Lets Your Fingers Do the WalkingDeepsec In-Depth Security ConferenceThe Most (and Least) Inventive Inventions on Time’s ’50 Best Inventions’ ListTwitter Gets A Tune-Up, Turbo-Boost, and TV-Screen PolishTimberland Campaign Asks Governments to Set Emissions Standards in CopenhagenMultitouch Poker: The Future of Casinos?Dell Greening Its Supply Chain With BambooMySpace Buying iMeem: A Plan to Beat Spotify?Are Monsanto’s GMO Soybeans Good for Us?Why You Need to Keep It TogetherVideo Ads on iPhone Will Punish Multiplayer GamersKetchup? My Deliverables Don’t Need Any Ketchup!The Google Phone Is Coming to Change the GameSleep Tight, Feel Bad, Do Good: Cardboard-Themed Sheets Help the HomelessVitamin Water and 50 Cent Launch iPhone AppInfographic of the Day: The 2009 Corruption Perceptions IndexTed Turner on Visionary Leadership: How to See Over the HorizonThe Robopocalypse Cometh: IBM’s Cyberbrain Smart as a Cat, Getting SmarterIndependent Restaurant Groups Band Together to Cook Off the Sour EconomyGigantic Prophylactic Serves as a Good Opportunity to Talk About S-E-XDoes Your Company Need a Dedicated Tweeter?Schools Cram for Tests, Not the Future: StudyWhen To Leave One Board and Join AnotherRetention in the Age of Layoffs by Caroline Simard, Vice President of Research and Executive ProgramsWhos Firing – Layoffs week ended 11-13-09An Entrepreneur’s View of South KoreaDigital Influence in the Network EconomyTop 5: Social Media Lessons from PodcampAZThe Secret to Finding Venture Capital: Not “How” but “Where”Can You Make Complex Things Simple?Brownfields 2009Tim Berners-Lee Launches Foundation to Increase Web Access Around the WorldHoliday Hack: How and Why You Should Pack a Single BagTest-Driving the Networked Body: 4 Takes on Fitbit FeaturesIs Imitation the Hidden Key to Creativity?Will Tweet for a Book DealSign of the Times: A Bong Fit for Mac LoversAT&T and IBM Fluff-Up Their Cloud Computing Systems10 Green Startups to WatchZoo Installs Electronic Polar Bears to Replace Real AnimalsDroid’s Week One Sales Impress, but Is Android OS the Real Winner?How Rapleaf Is Data-Mining Your Friend Lists to Predict Your Credit RiskGoogle Books Takes a Hit: Foreign-Language Works DitchedHP Touchsmart Designer Takes on Toys, Updates the Red Wagon with Green MaterialsHow Are Florida and Utah Keeping Swine Flu at Bay?Forget Bloomies. Use Augmented Reality to Clothes-Shop from Your ComputerSezmi Lets You Ditch Cable and Go “Full Hulu”Are Dystopian Movies More Popular When the Economy Blows? NopeRumor: Toyota Planning Prius Wagon and SUVWhy the Times Is Wrong to Be Bearish on PalmFood Insecurity Is Growing. What Can We Do?P2P Lawsuits “Felt Like Terrorism,” Says Viacom LawyerGlaxoSmithKline Signs $540 Million Deal for Nicotine VaccineModern Warfare 2 Banned in Russia, Still Making Oil Tycoon MoneyNew Online Catalogue for Philanthropy in Washington, DCWhos Hiring – Top employers week of 11-9-09How Can Linkedin’s New Features Help Job Seekers?5 Ways Social Media Gives Job Seekers an Advantage in a RecessionThe Google Voice Effect -What’s Your Strategy?APEC Singapore 2009Day 3: A Question of ColorThey’d better start now. Brazil, that is. On greening the 2016 Olympics.Google Chrome Innovates SPDY from HTTP: 55% FasterCase Study: KivaGoogle Latitude Tracks Your Location HistoryThe Biggest Stories of Our Time, VisualizedWould You Feel Safe Driving Across a Recycled Plastic Bridge?David Rockwell Gets Academy Award Gig Second Year RunningSign of the Times: Convincing Hipsters to Make Their Own ClothesInfographic of the Day: We’re All Gonna Die in 2012! Um, NoRiding L.A.’s Newest Rail LineScripps Gets a Cool $1 Million for Ocean-Going Robotic SwarmsPurging the SystemLitl Video Tour: A Design Miracle, a Challenging SellCNN Says Adios to Live Online Anchors (and Lou Dobbs)6 Reasons Manufacturers Should Move from Customization to Mass CustomizationFive Ways to Really Tick Off Your EmployeesIs Virtual Reality the New Nicotene Patch for Smokers?In Defense of O’Dwyer in the Social Media vs. PR FiascoYou Don’t Have to Quit Eating Meat to Save the World by 2050Bada, Samsung’s New Open-Source Operating System: What’s the Beef?Google Forced to Duke It Out with Swiss AuthoritiesFollow Us – Here’s HowTransformational SpeakingYouTube Does Something Great at Last: 1080p HDMan Ray: An Artist Any Designer Could LoveEmployee Engagement Lessons from Fast Company’s “30 Second MBA” Part 2Are Women Better Writers Than Men?Moon-Bombing a Success, Confirms Lunar Water DepositsBook Review: Trust AgentsThe Web’s Untouchable Ghost TownsWill This Advertising Get Me Laid?New “Microformat” Could Change the Way We Read OnlineCut Yourself Some Slack, Willya?TED Winner Pens Multiculti Charter for Compassion, Celebrations Follow.Note to Digital Pack Rats: DiamonDisc Archive DVDs May Outlast ManTechnology for Girls: Is It Different?Designer Master Richard Sapper’s 50 Years of Butch Chic