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Interview with Kris Halvorsen and Jennifer Hall of Intuit by Telle Whitney, CEO of Anita Borg InstituteDid Merck Really Try to Deliberately Silence Critics?Can Wal-Mart Be Sustainable? Ask Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard [video]National German Chocolate Cake DayThe Status of the Stimulus PlanPersuasive Communication and Career SuccessInterviewer Psychology: What If the Interviewer Isn’t American?Consumers Behaving Badly: Is Design to Blame?Better Bike Lane Signage Is Low-Cost, High-Impact Solution for Urban CyclistsThe 10 Most Creative People in Video GamesA Clean Energy Economy Generates Job GrowthWater Building Resort Makes Water From AirNow That He’s in Control, Can Jon Rubenstein Turn Palm Around Too?iPhone Augmented RealityCasio’s 5-Megapixel Exilim Cameraphone Is Army-ToughIBM’s Global Rail Innovation Center Brings Next-Gen Train Systems to ChinaWhy People Explore New TechnologiesPimping His Ride–and the Push to Cure a Fatal DiseaseGoogle vs. Microsoft: Acer’s Android Netbook Escalates the BattleWhich Social Media Tools Should You Use?Brad Pitt Goes on a Design Shopping SpreeA Second Act for Second Life, as an Urban Planning ToolWorld’s First Floating Wind Turbine Installed, Ready for TestingWhat’s the Deal With Apple’s Non-Removable Batteries?Six Essential Strengths Of An Employee Volunteer Program; An Interview With Shannon Schuyler of PricewaterhouseCoopers.LEGO’s Block-Inspired Electronics Are Ready to Be Snapped Up This FallMusical Gang Uses Amazon, iTunes to Turn Stolen Credit Cards Into Royalty CashOttawa Shell Station First to Deliver Gasoline Blended with Cellulosic EthanolBacklash Mounts Against China’s Mandated Web Censorship SoftwareGM is a Model for… Health Care Innovation?Sunken Suburban Home Is Accidental Icon of the Post-McMansion EraDOE’s TransAtlas Google Map Mashup Highlights Alternative Fuel HotspotsWhy W.L. Gore’s Retractable Roof Changes Wimbledon Forever [video]Macs Versus PCs Becomes iPhone Versus PreSummertime and the Networking Is EasyLearning for Success in Unexpected PlacesChapter Seven: From Ecology To EconomyThe 10 Most Creative People in Marketing and AdvertisingWhy Designers and Venture Capitalists Should Start Working Together NowPanthera Leo Hybrid Lawn Mower: A Green Machine to Mow Your GreenThe 30 Most Important Books for Product DesignersDoes Wal-Mart’s 2009 Sustainability Report Stand Up?Claim Your Name on Facebook, Before Someone Else DoesThe Five P’s of Social Media–Where Do You Start?Life, Inc. Chapter Seven: From Ecology To EconomyIs Twitter the New CareerBuilder?Fury and Alienation Roundup: AT&T EditionLCD Electronic ‘Skin’ Makes Everything Into a DisplayGetting the Facebook Generation Out to VotePalm Pre Code Leaks, Indie Apps FollowRoadmap for Recovery: Five Ways to Come Out on TopScientists Design “Virtual Twins” to Pre-test Medical TreatmentsHerman Miller Debuts Its Newest Office Chair, the SetuPhonePoint App Will Let You Write in Thin AirHow to Put Design in the Driver’s SeatFreescale’s Concept Designs Push Netbooks FurtherThe Next Big Thing: Mini Nuclear Reactors?Smart Football Helmet Monitors Body Temp, Saves LivesBio-Reaction Industries Cleans the Air With BacteriaYour Antenna TV Is Dead in Two DaysHow to Get iPhone OS 3.0 Now (Yes, Now)Jumping to Conclusions:The Next Generation of the Internet, as Seen by Silicon ValleyThe Interfaces Aboard the New Starship EnterpriseCoca-Cola Japan Sells Easy-Crush Water Bottles to Save Plastic, But Is It Greenwashing?StudioDesk Hides All of Your E-ClutterSuccess Tips for Personal BrandingDeveloping an On-Target Value Proposition10 most common leadership shortcomings and how to resolve themConsumer Genetics ShowThe 10 Most Creative People in ArchitectureDo Bad Economies Produce Great Buildings?Big in Japan: Report From Asia’s Most Influential Design FairPaola Antonelli on Designing Ideas, Not ProductsWorldwide Debut of Brammo Enertia Electric MotorcycleA Hater’s Guide to the New iPhonePalm Pre Vs iPhone 3G S: Feature by Feature ComparisonDesign Roundtable: Why Do Cell Phones Go Out of Fashion so Quickly?The Smartbook Race Is On, and China Is at the Starting Line With an XP-Capable PhoneForget Solar Power: Nokia Is Developing a Radio Wave-Powered Cell PhoneThe 10 Commandments of Social MediaiCopycats: Apple Does Not Equal Good Design200 mpg XR3 Trike Ready for Production–It’s What the Aptera Should’ve BeenLaunch: Silicon Valley 2009Future Computers Now: Acer to Ship Notebook With 3-D Display in OctoberRaising HIV Awareness, One Young Person at a TimeBing Bumps Microsoft’s Search Share in Its First WeekShell Admits Participation in TerrorismA Stroll Through the High Line: An Amazing Park Opens in New York CityStop Your Whining and Sit Your Ass in the Chair!So, what’s the deal… for REAL?EarthTronics’ Home Wind Turbine Coming to Ace Hardware This FallSelf Confidence, Optimism and SuccessVisiting the High Line: An Amazing New Park Opens in ManhattanThe 10 Most Creative People in Sports…Motorola Envisions the Cellphone of the FutureDesign Is Too Important to Be Left to the ThinkersKey Not: Why the Jobs-less Apple WWDC Signals TroubleWaste ExpoSneak Peek Images From Unveiling of the New York High LinePirate Party Wins a Seat on E.U. ParliamentLunar’s Next-Gen Nursery Is Sweet Dream for ParentsJapan Tests Cellphone Pandemic Prevention, Nevermind Your PrivacyA Colorado Kid Brings Education–and Hope–to Young Refugees in UgandaMeet the Smartbook: For Everything Your Smartphone and Netbook Can’t DoStop Warning Me to Get Ready for the EndAre Studios Making Flimsier DVD Cases to Save Money or the Planet?The Best Liveblog Sources for Today’s Apple Keynote EventHow Best Buy Socializes for BusinessHack the Google and Guggenheim Design It: Shelter CompetitionKawasaki Develops Night Vision Helmet Mount for Its Flagship MotorcycleTequila, Self-set Salaries, and Extreme ConsensusBuilding Better Boards: For-Profits and NonprofitsGreen Dam Meets the Great Firewall: China Adds a New Wrinkle to Web CensorshipAnalog TV Ends Tomorrow, Win $100 from Our Reader Survey to Buy CableiPhone 3G S: Separating Truth From FictionA guide to dealing with resistant employeesEven SanDisk Is Surprised by MacBook Pro Add-OnThe Entreprenurial OrganizationBeanzawave: The World’s Smallest MicrowaveLessons Learned — Why the Failure of Systems Thinking Should Inform the Future of Design ThinkingStonyfield Farm Cows Battle Global Warming with Sweet BurpsSocial Media Roundup: Sex and DramaCreate Your Success by Asking What You Can Do for Other PeopleHow (And Why) to Subscribe to an RSS FeedTake Our Survey for a Chance to Win $100How to Succeed in Green Business Without Really TryingLand of the LostAmerican Airlines Web Site: The Product of a Self-Defeating Design ProcessL.A.’s Best Architecture Is on the GroundThe Supreme Court’s Web Site Is Due for a RedesignA Peek Inside a Saudi Prince’s $485 Million Flying PalaceFurniture That Records the Passing of a DayiPhone Rumor Round-up: Cheap iPhone, Shutter Button, the Return of Steve?Buy a PSP Go, and Sony Will Convert Your Old UMDs to Digital VersionsLamborghini Cuts Emissions, But Remains in Hybrid Slow LaneSamsung’s Next Cameraphone Does 3x Optical ZoomGoogle Street View Now Lets You Navigate Like a SuperheroBranding Bunny BurgersHow Microsoft Is Priming the Mood of Bing SearchesDesign Roundtable: How Can Cell Phones Improve the World?BMW Gets One Step Closer to Auto-pilotXM25 Rifle Fires Around Corners, Inside TrenchesMAINGEAR Unveils Ultra Energy-Efficent Gaming PCWhy You’ll Be Surfing the U.K. this Summer: Europe’s First Artificial Reef is Nearly DoneSeven Big Names to Watch This Week