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Claravis story.Not a Hoax: Mecca Redesign Leaked [video]A New Paradigm for the Streets of NYC?Palm Pre Vs Rumored iPhone 2009: Features ComparisonDitch the Tin Foil Hat, Try This Tin Foil Building InsteadRegister for TWTRCON 09: 20% Discount, Year Subscription to Fast CompanyI Can See YouRedesigning Rock-Paper-ScissorsPeapod EV’s Look Inspired by Bullet Trains, Sea Turtles, and Space HelmetsWho’s Got The D: Why Governance Matters for NonprofitsIBM Follows Apple’s Model to Help Small Business’ Tech NeedsPatent War: Google and Apple Vying for Context-Aware Smartphone DominanceSay It Ain’t So! 2 Stories of Management Run Amuck7 Lessons for Getting Change RightNokia Makes Unused Patents Available to AllBlow The Competition Out Of The WaterHulu Streaming to U.K. in September? Not Until ITV and Channel 4 Are SatisfiedBus Stops of the Future: Are They Realistic?Six Unbelievable Things Online This WeekThe Facebook Email Scam: Have You Been Hit?Terminator Salvation: What You Missed So FarReinventing the Coffee Business Around Ethics and Sustainability: Dean CyconWorld Nut and Dried Fruit CongressIncenting innovation“Did You Know 3.0?” – You Need to Watch This Video!Double Negative; Classified Info; Air Pollution, In a Positive LightLearning for SuccessThe Gender-Related Wage Gap You Haven’t Heard AboutGoogle Reveals Its PowerMeter PartnersThe Oven’s Sick Joke: Bad Design = Burnt PizzaEducational Entrepreneur, Most Creative Person Shai Reshef Gets Round of Applause at the UNIkea’s Newest Furniture Line: Packed With IdeasPerformance Anxiety: Gadi Amit on the Last Manly Job on EarthAdd the Fast Company Top Stories Widget to Your SitePumping Green Power from Fake Plastic TreesRe-Tread Upcycles Tires into Earthquake-Resistant Building MaterialWhat’s the True Impact of Your Employee Volunteer Program? Glad You AskedDavid de Rothschild Speaks About Upcoming Journey in a Plastic BoatMcDonald’s 2009 Global Best of Green Report Fires Back At Critics–or Maybe NotBike Pedaling Gardeners Water Vegeatabes and Fruits at Britain’s Chelsea Flower ShowBucher CityCat: A Hydrogen-Powered Municipal VehicleObserve your thoughts – are you in the NOW or somewhere else?GE’s sustainability initiativesEvolution has some lessons for Product DesignLOVING LEADERSHIPWill Companies Never Learn?Twittersphere – The Wild West of Social MediaWalkers and Canes, Ingeniously Redesigned for the FutureKonarka’s Roll-Up Solar Charger Is Rugged Enough for CampingLithium Batteries on Verge of Explosion (in Power Capacity)Will the New iPhone Come in Different Flavors–Like the iPod–to Boost Sales?Palm Pre Challenges iPhone to a Duel On June 6–Who Will Win?Twitter’s Ad-Free Future: Paid Tools and Services InsteadCreative Collisions: How to Spark a New IdeaMicrosoft’s “Laptop Hunters” Campaign Eating Away at AppleCisco Wants to Dominate Smart-Grid CommunicationsTerminator Salvation: Making of the T-600 [photo gallery]Bokeen’s Cybook Opus E-Reader Beats Kindle to a Pocket-Friendly SizeCan Intel’s New Atom Chips Liven Up Netbooks?Hot Diggity Dog! 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Not So Fast.ICFF 2009: Octogenarian Pieree Paulin Carries the DayWolfram Alpha Isn’t Google, so Stop Comparing ThemGreen Seal Sets Standard for Eco-Savvy RestaurantsNapster Returns as Best Buy’s Streaming Music Muscle [Updated]Rumor: Archos Android-Powered Tablet Smartphone Due JuneA Brooklyn Design Star Comes of Age at ICFF 2009How to Map to the Social Media Engagement Profile of Your CustomersDragonfly Vertical Farm Concept Rethinks Urban Food Production for New YorkThe Site With 8.64 Trillion Hits in One DayINTERVIEW PROJECT by David Lynch: A New Blueprint for Company Videos?Scribd Launches User-Gen BookstoreICFF’s Best New Designers Hail From…Milwaukee?!Why I Let My Students Use Facebook During ClassSunPower Releases First Solar Monitoring iPhone AppToyota’s Third-Generation Prius Hybrid Has Solar Panels, Remote Control Air ConditioningShine Bright in Dark TimesCSR: When Doing Good Has to Be Good for BusinessYouTomb Shows Music Labels Stepping Up YouTube Copyright CrackdownsIt’s Almost Summer – Time To Shed Your SkinUpdate: The Facebook Phishing Scam ContinuesPitching 101TMI, advice, opinions & other confusion for job seekersDo We Have a Responsibility to Education?Minority and Disadvantaged Businesses Need to Insist on Fair Treatment From Those who Need ThemHella Jongerius: Contemporary Archetypes Preview [video]SOLAQUA: Solar-Powered Water Purification for the MassesNew Samsung Alias Shows E-ink Potential Goes Beyond the KindleCan a $320 Million Seawater Desalination Plant Keep Droughts at Bay?Tolerance and SuccessIs it Possible to Design Anything Worthwhile For Less Than a Buck?’s Web-Based Presentation System Goes PublicCan the PlantBottle Save the Bottled Water Industry?Plan G: Should Geoengineering Be Our Weapon in the War Against Global Warming?Designing From the First-Person PerspectiveFlorida Town Closes the Loop on Poop PowerIn Defense of the Disposable: Has the Green Backlash Begun?BlackBerry Storm 2 Photos Leak: Much the Same as Original?Are BlackBerrys Better Than Netbooks? RIM’s CEO Thinks SoTony Hawks Game Gets Uber-Real With Motion-Sense SkateboardSpira’s Floating Foam Car: The Most Creative Automotive X Prize Entry?Is Innovation at a Crossroads?10 Questions About the Facebook Hack AttacksWhat’s Wrong With Our Cities? A Two-Minute Video ExplainsYves Behar Reveals His Inner Glow With Anima Terra