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Most Innovative Companies 2003

Powerful ideas and personal commitment are what propel industries, companies, and individuals into the future. Every November, Fast Company shines a spotlight on the idea elite of business - the CEOs who make our annual Who's Fast issue. This month, for the second year in a row, the Fast 50 emphasizes in-the-trenches achievement. There are CEOs, but also engineers, marketers, and frontline teams whose passion means the difference between winning and losing.
This year's challenge attracted more than 1,400 entries and 20,000 online comments from people in 30 countries and 45 states. The winners demonstrate the power of persistence, the thrill of invention, the value of values, the rewards of solving problems, and the business of culture.
It's been a brutal few years for business. These champions of innovation show what it takes to build a brighter future.

2003's Fast 50 print magazine feature.

Bruce Bildsten - Fast 50 2003
Bruce Bildsten - Fast 50 2003