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Scoble on Tech Archive

Robert Scoble
past Scoble on Tech columns

Straight to Video
How will you use next-generation Web TV to reinvent your business?

Office in a Cloud
Why you'll learn to love the next wave of Web-based work apps.

Stars, Stripes, and Social Media
What you can learn from the presidential candidates and their Web strategies.

The New Road Warrior
Ten apps for your cell phone that let you finally leave your laptop at home.

Return of the King
Cofounder Jerry Yang returns as CEO and ushers in a more social Yahoo.

The Next Email
Why Twitter will change the way business communicates (again).

The New Web War
Inside Microsoft, Adobe and Sun's fight to power the next wave of rich Internet applications.

Scoble on Tech Building a Political Starfish
The 2008 US presidential candidates are taking their web presence from simple web sites to sophisticated social media "starfish."

Scoble on Tech

Supercharge Your Cellphone
Scoble discusses services that will transform any handset into a mobile office.

Scoble on Tech

OpenSocial to Open Warfare
The stage is set for a social networking battle between Google and Facebook.

Scoble on Tech

Tech Conference Roundup
Robert Scoble discusses some of the highlights from this year's conferences, and what to look forward to.

Scoble on Tech

Yahoo! Again
Yahoo is sitting well with it's portfolio of Web 2.0 companies, and co-founder Jerry Yang taking over as Chief Yahoo.

Scoble on Tech

Breaking Open Facebook
Scoble discusses the history of the social network and how its open application strategy is taking it to the next level.

Scoble on Tech

Business by Twitter
Scoble sees services like Twitter, where users send snippets of their lives -- text, images, and video -- as a great marketing tool.

Scoble on Tech

A Richer Internet
Robert Scoble talks about the battle between Microsoft's Silverlight and Adobe's Apollo.

Robert Scoble biography

Robert Scoble is an influential video podcast pioneer and blogger following the tech industry. Watch him at and read him at If you have any feedback you can contact him at