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Customer Experience Awards

Fast Company believes that there should be due recognition -- and reward -- for creating a rich customer experience, for focusing on consistently excellent customer service, and for putting customers first. Companies that excel in those areas not only have fascinating stories to tell, but valuable lessons to teach. We know great customer experiences are a catalyst for great business rewards.

But how do these companies create rich customer experiences? What are their insights into delivering consistently excellent service? Why are some companies so much better at putting customers' needs first? These are the questions we'll answer in our inaugural Customer Experience Awards, which will appear in the October issue of Fast Company magazine.

To find best-in-class companies, we've consulted a panel of experts in the fields of customer service and customer experience. We've sorted through the service companies they've nominated -- more than 100 in all -- to discover a select few that are striving to put the customer experience at the center of everything they do.

To determine the award winners, we'll go back to our panel -- and to you -- to vote for the companies that provide the best customer experiences. After all, who better to evaluate great service than customers themselves? With the help of ForeSee Results, which bases its research on methodology used by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, we've designed a quick survey that will ask you a handful of questions about the companies you've experienced recently. Take our survey to learn who made our list -- Progressive Insurance and Commerce Bank are just a couple of our finalists -- and help us determine which companies are worthy of the first ever Customer Experience Awards.

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