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Listen Now | A Conversation With CEO Dad
Tom Stern, FC Expert blogger, founder of the syndicated comic strip character CEO DAD, and author of CEO Dad: How to Avoid Getting Fired by Your Family, suffers from a rare condition called multiple career disorder. Like many of us, he's been struggling to find the work-life balance in his life. We caught up with him to discuss his book and upcoming CNBC series.
Listen Now | Made to Stick: Interview with Chip Heath and Dan Heath
The bestselling authors--and Fast Company contributors--chat with senior editor David Lidsky about the ideas in their new book, Made to Stick.
Listen Now | Sir James Dyson On Getting It Right
It took Sir James Dyson 5,127 tries to get his vacuum right, and three years to perfect a hand dryer. Listen as he explores the link between failure and greater creativity.
Listen Now | Business Blogging
Fast Company talks to Anil Dash, chief evangelist of Six Apart, the company behind The Movable Type publishing platform, TypePad weblogging service and LiveJournal, an online community organized around personal journals, about the benefits of blogging for businesses.
Listen Now | John Legend - Sun Comes Up
In the John Legend Network, members are offered an exclusive unreleased Live CD (John Legend: Live at the Tin Angel ) as part of their member kit. The kit also contains a special laminate that members wear at shows to get special privleges when members go see Legend live. Click Here to hear more live John Legend music and learn more about the Legend Network.
Listen Now | John Mayer Interview
Local-83, John Mayer's official Listener's Union features this exclusive candid interview with Mayer discussing his latest album, Continuum. The full interview can be found on the website.
Listen Now | Generational Differences in Communication
Ruth Sherman, a leading commuications consultant and author of "Get Them To See It Your Way, Right Away: How To Persuade Anyone of Anything," discusses how to communicate with millennials.
Listen Now | This is Vox
Fast Company talks with Mena Trott, co-founder and president of Six Apart, the company behind The Movable Type publishing platform, TypePad weblogging service, and LiveJournal, an online community organized around personal journals, about her company's new blogging community, Vox, and what businesses can learn from it.
Listen Now | 10 Tips for Business Presentations
Fast Company talks with Ruth Sherman, a leading communications consultant and author of "Get Them To See It Your Way, Right Away: How To Persuade Anyone of Anything," about business communications strategies.
Listen Now | Saving the World -- One Lightbulb at a Time
Fast Company senior writer Charles Fishman discusses the September story "How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change The World? One. And You're Looking at it."
Listen Now | Change or Die
Fast Company Senior Editor David Lidsky talks with writer Alan Deutschman about leadership, his 2005 article "Change or Die," and how the article became a book.
Listen Now | Gold In Them Hills
Fast Company senior writer Alan Deutschman discusses the July/August story on the potential for landfill mining as a profitable industry that may also serve to reduce vast amounts of electronic waste.
Listen Now | Age of the Aerotropolis
Writer Greg Lindsay discusses the July/August story about how huge airports, with thriving cities nearby, are rising everywhere--evoking everything we fear about globalization.
Listen Now | Getting to Know OQO
Fast talks to Jory Bell, founder of OQO, about the making of the smallest Windows XP computer and why he feels its the Blackberry killer.
Listen Now | The Future of Design
Fast Company senior writer Linda Tischler discusses the July/August cover story on the innovations taking place in design today. Hear how Ambra Medda became design’s next diva and cofounder and director of Design Miami Basel.
Listen Now | Reinventing Food
Fast Company senior writer Jennifer Reingold discusses the May cover story on the revolution taking place in the culinary field today. Hear how and why Chicago chef Homaro Cantu is creating levitating entrees, edible paper, and putting medical syringes in desserts -- all in the name of world-class cuisine, and saving the world.
Listen Now | The New Face of Al-Jazeera
Could an English-language news channel from "Terror TV" actually help save Brand America? Fast Company Senior Writer Linda Tischler dicusses her cover story.
2007 Social Capitalists
Listen Now | Tom Bledsoe, Housing Partnership Network
Tom Bledsoe, Housing Partnership Network, discusses his organization's success in aligning resources--including financing from partner Merrill Lynch--to produce, finance, or preserve affordable homes.
Listen Now | Kyle Zimmer, First Book
Kyle Zimmer, First Book, talks to Fast Company about her work with the nation's leading publishers to provide millions of new books to thousands of children in need.
Listen Now | Michelle Nunn, Hands On Network
Michelle Nunn, Hands On Network, on her organization's ambitious effort with many of the nation's biggest employers to increase the level of volunteerism across the US by 10 percent by 2008.
Listen Now | Willy Foote, EcoLogic Finance
Willy Foote, EcoLogic Finance, describes EcoLogic's efforts with green mountain coffee roasters and other companies to support coffee growers and other rural enterprises in developing nations.
Listen Now | Eliott Brown, Springboard Forward
Eliott Brown, Springboard Forward, talks to Fast Company about the launch of a $1.4 million, three-year Retail Demonstration Project to demonstrate the business value of investing in career development of entry-level wage earners.
Listen Now | Paul Rice, TransFair USA
Paul Rice, TransFair USA, speaks with Fast Company about using fair trade guidelines to raise the incomes of 1.1 million farmers and producers worldwide.
2006 Customer Champions
Listen Now | Julia Prohaska, American Girl
Julia Prohaska, Director of brand marketing, American Girl, talks to Fast Company about putting customers first.
Listen Now | Mike Brown, Life Time Fitness
Mike Brown, Senior VP of operations, Life Time Fitness, explains how his company puts customers first to beat out the competition.
Listen Now | Wolfgang Hultner, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Wolgang Hultner , CEO for the Americas, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, discusses how to satisfy finicky customers.
Listen Now | Paul Brooks, NASCAR
Paul Brooks , President, NASCAR broadcasting and digital entertainment, NASCAR, on utilizing creative technology to engage his company's customers.
Listen Now | Bryan Johnson and Cathy Quain, Burton Snowboards
Bryan Johnson, VP of global marketing, and Cathy Quain, VP of global retail, Burton Snowboards, on impacting customers with a personal touch.