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I asked Mekanism partner Ian Kovalik to give a behind-the-scenes look at a piece of work he directed for Charles Schwab. In it he describes the challenge of using advanced technology to capture and express deep emotional content. Of all the Mekanism partners, Kovalik is the most cerebral and probably the biggest tech geek in a company filled with code nerds. But feed the man a beer and a margarita -- or four -- and Kovalik finds finds his inner rock star. On the night I was to return to New York on a red-eye, Mekanism president Jason Harris arranged a jam session in the company studio (me on guitar, Harris on bass, and a drummer). Uninvited, yet fueled and feeling the mojo risin, Kovalik put a death grip on the microphone and fell deeply in love with the sound of his own slurring voice. Unfortunately, there's no video of that.
"Repeat Offenders"