Lori Senecal
Most Creative People 2017

Lori Senecal

Global CEO, CP+B

For emboldening clients
Most Creative People

Since Lori Senecal became CEO of CP+B in 2015, she has helped boost revenue by 21% by pushing risk taking. “Creativity isn’t just a talent, but a behavior,” she says. These recent campaigns embody her approach.

Kraft Mac & Cheese

When Kraft removed artificial ingredients from its recipe in 2015, CP+B advised against promoting it, for fear it might alienate parents of finicky kids. Then, after 50 million boxes were sold, a campaign copped to the change. The story generated more than a billion free media impressions, and Stephen Colbert devoted a monologue to it.


For classified-ad app Let­­go, CP+B built the Commercializer, a tool that allows Letgo users to create slick TV-style spots for the used items they were selling. The app recently topped 45 million downloads.


In fall 2016, 2K released the latest installment of its basketball video game, NBA 2K. CP+B used Fitbit to take it be­­yond the screen, inviting players to link their NBA 2K profiles to their Fitbit accounts and allowing them to improve their virtual characters’ abilities based on how many real-world steps they take.

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