Le-Marie Thompson[Photo by: Rhonisha Franklin]
Most Creative People 2014

Le-Marie Thompson

Founder, Nettadonna

For helping businesses avoid conflict
Most Creative People

While technology companies grapple with the issue of conflict materials, Le-Marie Thompson and her D.C.-based company Nettadonna have been building the ConflictFreeElectronics platform, a one-stop online shop for information about the conflict-free status of thousands of suppliers and companies around the world. After 10 years as a product manager at telecommunications companies including Sprint Nextel and Iridium Satellite, creative frustration led Thompson on a quest to find technical solutions to global problems. Powered by information from Thompson's relationships with NGOs on the ground, the platform won first place in the Humanity United/USAID Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention, and the next step is securing funding to push the platform to market. While ConflictFreeElectronics is currently focused on helping companies avoid unintentionally sourcing components from suppliers that use conflict minerals, she's also working on using the platform in a consumer app to help shoppers make conflict-free choices.

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