Harriet Green

Most Creative People 2017

Harriet Green

General Manager, IBM

For alerting businesses to Watson's potential
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 “I don’t much believe in artificial intelligence,” says Harriet Green, who is one of the executives helping to run IBM’s AI platform. “I believe in augmented intelligence. With Watson, we can augment capabilities that clients already have.” Here’s how she recently helped three companies.


Green partnered with BMW to bring Watson’s language-processing capabilities into upcoming iterations of the i8 hybrid sports car. “Drivers will be able to ask questions about changes in road conditions while still being able to focus on the road,” she says. 


The world’s leading ball-bearings manufacturer signed up with Watson to figure out how to maximize the info from its new sensor-laden bearings. “They already collect a lot of data,” Green says, “but now they can use that to learn when one is off, when it needs replacing.”

North Face 

Green’s team helped build a personal shopper for the company’s web and mobile apps in 2015. “I’m going on a trip to Patagonia in October, and I have no idea which rucksack, jacket, or hiking boots to buy,” Green says. “Watson can give recommendations tailored to our needs.”

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