Most Creative People 2018

Aline Lerner

CEO and Cofounder, | San Francisco

For programming diversity into tech
Most Creative People

Aline Lerner is the cofounder and CEO for, an anonymous hiring platform that facilitates mock technical interviews and connects engineers (many of whom come from nontraditional backgrounds and underrepresented communities) with top tech companies. Lerner is a software engineer by trade but stumbled across recruiting early in her career when she took on hiring responsibilities for a small software company. She was inspired to become a technical recruiter after witnessing tech's “broken” approach to hiring, such as prioritizing where one went to school over technical capabilities.

In 2015, Lerner launched with fellow MIT alum Andrew Marsh. Since inception, has matched engineers with top tech companies including Lyft, Yelp, Evernote, and Asana. Lerner's long-term vision is to take beyond tech and Silicon Valley, but for now she is focused on bringing efficiency, rigor, and data-driven solutions to technical hiring--making it a truly meritocratic process. 

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