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One of the things that intrigued me about Mekanism is their obsession with detail, nuance and tone. Early in my reporting I met Mekanism founder Tommy Means and president Jason Harris at the Standard Hotel bar in New York's Meat Packing District. Waiting, I saw Michel Gondry in the lobby. Harris arrived first and I withheld revealing the sighting, thinking Means, the creative director, would appreciate it more. After sharing my brush with celebrity, Harris said, "Great, now I'm cast as the business guy." I quickly learned that Harris is not just the business guy, but also a smooth producer, fixer and charmer. He has a vast knowledge of visual artists, in particular Mssr. Gondry. In this video, some Mekanism folk sweat the details of Harris's high school ride and the music he listened to, illustrating how important it is to get the details right. The team has a collective knowledge that runs from fringe esoterica to the classics. More remarkably, they manage to communicate fluidly as a group and spiral in on an idea.
"Repeat Offenders"