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The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design

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01 / Stamen Design »

For clever ways of delivering both bountiful information and surprising beauty gleaned from data sets — and Twitter.

02 / Local Projects.

For showing how digital design can create powerful emotional experiences.

03 / Hoefler & Frere-Jones

For creating brilliant typefaces used in everything from presidential campaigns to stock tables.

04 / Berg

For tackling design challenges, from iPad apps to RFID tags, as if they were science experiments.

05 / Fuseproject

For proving that great commercial design can be used to underwrite great philanthropic design.

06 / ideo

For opening its own innovation processes to the world.

07 / Ammunition

For cutting-edge consumer electronics that still have soul.

08 / Pentagram

For graphic design that sets a new standard, for old-school books as well as newfangled animated logos.

09 / Michael Van Valkenburgh

For transforming rotting docks and wastewater facilities into enchanting environments.

10 / Studio Dror

For melding visual poetry and practical multitasking in products, interiors, and architecture.