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Most Innovative Companies: Voxiva

40  Voxiva

For encouraging good health via mobile apps


Washington, DC




 When faced with a long-term health issue, patients want consistent support. Enter Washington, D.C.-based Voxiva, whose mobile health-coaching programs target a wide variety of users, including pregnant women, diabetics, and smokers. Pioneered in developing countries where mobile phones are the main lifeline to the web, Voxiva's apps, which work on any mobile device, process health data (that you provide) and supply you with encouragement. If you're a smoker, your app will analyze how many cigarettes you smoke and gauge if you're on track to quit. The smoking-cessation and diabetes apps are available through health-care plans, while you can get Text4Baby, the pregnancy app, for free by texting BABY to 511411. Together the programs have more than 100,000 users, and cofounder Paul Meyer's goal is to get more than a million users by 2012.