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Elizabeth Spiers, Media Consultant

Elizabeth Spiers

The Media

The Media

Elizabeth Spiers

Media Consultant
The Cut

Gawker founding editor. New York magazine contributing writer. editor-in-chief. Forget A-Rod and Albert Pujols: If Fantasy Media ever catches on, Elizabeth Spiers will be a top draft pick. In 2007, she set out on her own and she's now a Web site-launching (or relaunching) machine, working on everything from clarifying an editorial vision to monetizing the business model for companies including the Flavorpill, Counsyl, and b5media. Earlier this year, she launched, a health and wellness site;, a beauty site; and, an entertainment site

"I think it's kind of healthy to work in a lot of different genres because you learn things every time you go into a new vertical that are really applicable to that vertical but can easily translate into another one," she says. "I find that looking at a wide variety of things keeps me sharp."

In her (spare) spare time, Spiers also stays sharp by teaching a master’s-level new media course at New York’s School of Visual Arts. And did we mention she’s also writing a satirical novel about Wall Street? MVP, indeed. —Amy Wilkinson

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