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Inside an app, nobody can hear you scream--except the Israeli-based firm Nice Systems, whose customer-service solutions are used by 25,000 companies in more than 150 countries. Last year, it rolled out Mobile Reach, software that works in the background of banking, retail, and other apps and jumps in to help a user the minute she's frustrated. "Enterprises no longer simply pay lip service to customer service," says Nice's director of solutions marketing, Tamar Sharir.

Its research finds that smartphone users fail to complete about 60% of transactions, and only 64% of them then call the company for help. So rather than putting the onus on the user to flounder through the menus on an app, the company extends a helping hand. And instead of spending 30 minutes on hold trying to talk to the right person, users are called by the service about the specific problem. In the banking sector, each of the top 10 banks in the world use Nice's services, making sure user's finances are in check.

The company also has roots in security in locations around the world such as transportation systems and city centers that captures sensor data that allows for real-time management and fast resolution to any issues.