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For a foray into original programming and a striking redesign of its user interface. Both ventures won Hulu steady growth over 2012, giving it 3 million paying Hulu Plus subscribers and a 65% revenue boost from the previous year.


For beating out all the other “video of Instagram” apps. In the past year, SocialCam inked a $60 million deal with software maker Autodesk and partnered with The Washington Post to provide Olympic coverage.


For leapfrogging past Hulu and In the process it became the second-largest player in video ads after YouTube, serving up 1.8 billion ads as of late 2012.


For out-pacing YouTube in 2012 by bringing in a new CEO, redesigning its site, and partnering with Windows. Under the deal with Microsoft, Movie Maker-made videos will go straight into Vimeo. Plus, the company hosted an online awards show in June, celebrating Vimeo documentaries and motion graphics.


For leading the herd out of DreamWorks’ Animation incubator. The app (the brainchild of DreamWorks Animation CTO Ed Leonard) lets users drag-and-drop their photos, music, and videos into a single sequence.


For breaking up what Cory Booker calls “the oligarchy in the media.” To compete with traditional news outlets that produce and deliver their own video, #waywire uses original and syndicated video content from the public. Its first financing round brought in $1.75 million. And its Oprah-approved, too.


For initially betting a reported $100 million in 2011 (YouTube declines to confirm or deny the number) on original programming for the 18-to-34-year-old market and in 2012 allocating another $200 million to promote YouTube channels. They've had promising starts: YouTube-supported original content will air on Reuters and Bleacher Report channels in early 2013.


For standing in as the new teacher’s aide. The crowdsourced video platform--a recent Y Cominator graduate--features short educational videos that teachers can play or create for their classrooms.


For enticing universities and K-through-12 schools to build their own secure video channels. In 2012 MediaCore expanded its reach to 5.5 million students, in part by bringing in the video sharing site SchoolTube and others as customers.


For hypnotic digital data-art experiments that change as you watch. Among the clients for its glowing audio-visual installations are GE and Deutsche Bank.

[Image: Flickr user Rachel Hofton]