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Dear (Metallica / Tim Ferriss),

Thanks so much for the (illegal / legal) download of your (complete discography / 62-page giveaway from 4-Hour Chef) on BitTorrent. As (my roommate / BitTorrent executive director of marketing Matt Mason) says, "There's not a (reason to pay / business model) for content in the digital world," and you're the embodiment of that. Honestly, if it weren't free, I (definitely / definitely) wouldn't have paid any attention at all. So you got me!

Now, listen: I know BitTorrent is (terrifying / intriguing). And let's be honest--Project X was the most downloaded movie last year, so quality only counts for so much. But give BitTorrent (your stuff / more of your stuff). It's there anyway. And BitTorrent is an actual company working to legitimize itself (on the backs of / by partnering with) artists: It promoted 16 artists' new work to its 160 million (criminals / users) last year, driving 124 million legal downloads--one-third of total music downloads!--in the first six months alone. And now 4-Hour Chef is the latest Tim Ferriss best seller, despite not (teaching you how to cook in four hours / being sold in many bookstores). Go figure!

Oh, and soon BitTorrent won't just be on the computer. Its apps, once blocked, are now on iTunes--how (completely scary / encouraging) is that!? And it's even partnered with 20 TV manufacturers, to enable streaming. So go ahead, keep (fighting / embracing) the future. You know where to find us.

Your (parasite / fan),
The Internet

[Cube Illustration: Pixol via Shutterstock]