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Table of Contents | March 2005


Power Couple
How many great husband-and-wife business teams can you think of? Us neither. But Kate and Andy Spade have figured out how to make their unusual partnership work. They've built a fashion empire -- but can they make it last?
Fast Take: Andy Spade on Branding
The visionary designer offers lessons from the world of fashion on how to brand your products -- and how to sell your brands.
Fast Take: The Rules of Engagement
Couples who work together have some unique advantages -- and face some serious challenges. Nan Langowitz, director of the Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College, suggests keeping the following things in mind.
Love at Work SlideShow
Learn how to get personal, professionally. Link opens in new window
The Fast 50
They run startups and huge divisions, and they sell everything from chocolate to nanotubes. Every one of the winners of our fourth annual competition dreams big -- and delivers.
Fast Take: Lessons From the Fast 50 Winners
Five key lessons from this year's 50 winners.
The Clear Leader
Marcus Buckingham spent two decades studying great business leaders. His conclusion: True leaders have a unique ability to make things simple.
Fast Take: 20/20 Visionary
As a leader, what can you do to find the clarity your followers require? Marcus Buckingham has identified three approaches that will help.
Competing on Culture
The CEO of Best Buy expands on Buckingham's vignette -- and how an employee-centric strategy can lead to customer-centric performance.
Building A Better Skunk Works
In a bold effort to nurture new businesses, IBM is putting its best and brightest in charge of its risky startups.
Fast Take: How IBM Builds New Businesses
Four ways Big Blue... gets even bigger.
Jones Soda's Secret
Peter van Stolk is getting people jonesin' for his soda by turning the brand over to them.
Fast Take: Building a Customer-Centric Brand
Jones Soda founder and CEO Peter van Stolk never made it to business school. But shepherding one of today's hottest beverage brands has been an excellent marketing education. Here's what he has learned.
Jonesing for Soda
In an energetic, enormously candid interview, Jones Soda's founder shares some stories about the building blocks of his business.
The 25 Top Jobs for 2005
What are the best jobs to pursue for the next five years? Fast Company draws on the work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and an innovation expert to tap the top jobs.
Happy Trails
Does hiking and sleeping under the stars sound like a perfect vacation? For guidebook writer Johnny Molloy, it's just another day at the office.
Copy This
Anne M. Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox, has the company cranking again. Here are her thoughts on changing an organization, taking risks, and telling stories.
Fast Talk: Screen Gems
Movies may be sheer entertainment for most of us, but for many passionate, creative people, they're also a lot of work. With Oscar season here, we turned to a cast of film-industry characters for fresh wisdom on managing teams, coping with rejection, and implementing the visions of others.


Walking the Talk?
Some U.S. execs make big noises about U.S. innovation -- but look overseas for new ideas.
Trump, Distilled
Love the Donald but can't spare time for The Apprentice? Then the official Apprentice talking Trump doll is for you! A full 12 inches tall, in a classic navy suit and trademark red tie, this $24.99 mini-Trump offers 17 memorable magnate witticisms -- which is all anyone really needs.
First Kisses and Petri Dishes
A Florida school is home to some of the smartest high-school science kids around.
Short Circuit
This month: W. Alan McCollough, CEO of Circuit City Stores.
How to Fix...AT&T
Now that AT&T has abandoned consumer service, what will it do to get off the hook?
Liquidity Events
These days, for better or worse, everyone seems to be a blogger. How to know what's worth reading? This month, Fast Company unveils our top picks from the ever-expanding blog universe -- starting with the best from the world of venture capital.
Best Business Blogs: Venture Capital
An expanded list of our favorites.
Shore Leader: Sriram Ayer
December's tsunami devastated villages across Asia. But in some places, it also created openings for progress.
A marketing plan on the Web, by the Web, and for the Web.
Speak Easy
Here are five tips to help you get over your fear of public speaking.
I Spy
The newest Big Brother gizmo lets you track the movements of your kids or spouse.
60 Seconds on Doing the Impossible
SpaceShipOne took the $10 million Ansari X Prize for shuttling into suborbital space twice in two weeks. But it was Peter Diamandis, aerospace engineer and medical doctor, who created the competition. Now, Diamandis, 42, has moved onto smaller things -- a new prize for nanotechnology. He spoke to Fast Company about his uncharted worlds.
Full of Mullarkey
We went looking for a guru with a fresh take, but got taken ourselves. It's about respect, yo!
Critical calendar listings for March 2005.
Net Profit
What does it take to make a better bed net? It's no small matter: Bed nets are a critical defense against malaria, which each year kills 1 million people and makes another 300 million ill in developing regions. The solution, it turns out, is no small matter either.
Will It Edit Out ABBA?
From cassette deck to hard drive.
A Matter of Taste
New flavor enhancers due in 2006 promise to make your taste buds more efficient.
Office Handbook
Expense-account hell!
"Don't Drink the Grape-Flavored Sugar Water..."
The Consultant Debunkers find a certain saying hard to swallow.


The Morale of the Story
Another day, another mountain to climb. Here's how to keep your team's spirits up (even when everything looks so hard).
Read Between the Lines
We're all awash in books, blogs, and reports to keep up in our jobs. Can speed-reading software help us be more productive?
Wagging Your Tail
Executive recruiter Dave Hardie on the benefits of leaving gracefully, consumer-products experience, and balancing We versus I.
Humanizing Leaders
Back to school.
Readers' Choice
A fun exploration of branding in all five senses sounds like this month's pick.
Creature Comforts
If Greyhound ever starts an airline, it'll have a service edge over the sky buses flying today. Instead of complaining about business travel, deal with it. Our new Road Warrior feature will help you do just that. In that spirit, pamper yourself instead of expecting the airlines to do it for you.
The Corporate Shrink
The good doctor heals some hurt feelings over neglected -- and stolen -- ideas
Do You Love What You Do?
If you're putting in 60- to 80-hour workweeks, you'd better love what you do.
Like High School -- but With Suits
Don't let your company's labels become the only way you define yourself.

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