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Table of Contents | September 2004

The Courage Issue

Is courage obsolete? Heroism is awfully hard to find in this era of expedience, excuses, and evasion. But as the people and ideas we explore in this special issue make resoundingly clear, courage is still the essential virtue. And the truly courageous still walk among us.

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Why Guts Matter
In Search of Courage
Finding the courage within you. John McCain
The Greatness That Cannot Be Taught
His personal hero. David Halberstam
Unliving a Lie
Daring to admit you're wrong. David Brock
The Unthinkable...and the Mundane
Guts in chess and life. Garry Kasparov
Words Worth Fighting For
Weasel words and truth telling. Pete Hamill
Profiles in Courage
Googling for Courage
With their daring IPO, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are fighting the Wall Street cartel. Alan Deutschman
No Other Obligation
Against daunting odds, Tom Kean led the investigation into the most devastating attack in our nation`s history. Jena McGregor
Gap`s New Look: The See-Through
When it comes to working conditions in their factories, Dan Henkle and Anne Gust have opted for full disclosure. Cheryl Dahle
Soldiering On
With an honest answer to a simple question, General Eric Shinseki enraged his bosses -- and capped a brilliant military career. Jennifer Reingold
One Tough Assignment
When CEO Ed Breen took over at Tyco, he fired the very board that had hired him. And that was just the start. Scott Kirsner
On Thin Ice
After a history-making, 94-day trek across Antarctica, Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen faced the toughest challenge of their journey: finding the courage to surrender. Cheryl Dahle
It`s All About the Shoes
When nearly all of his competitors were exporting work overseas, John Stollenwerk kept his 700 factory jobs in the United States -- but not for the reasons you`d think. Jena McGregor
The Trials of ImClone
A founder in handcuffs, financials in disarray, and a vital product in doubt-for CEO Daniel Lynch, it was the turnaround from hell. Linda Tischler
Mr. Inside Speaks Out
Former Medtronic CEO Bill George has split with his brethren to make an impassioned case for courageous leadership. Chuck Salter
The Housewife Who Got Up Off the Couch
Threats, nay-saying, and a firebombing only made Eleanor Josaitis more determined to make the world a better place. Alison Overholt
Everything You Wanted to Know About Courage...But Were Afraid to Ask.
We asked some of the world`s foremost leadership thinkers 15 questions to get to the core of courage.
A Day in the Life of Work: No Brakes
For wheelchair racer Cheri Blauwet, every day is an exercise in self-sufficiency, every race a test of faith. Ryan Underwood


The Realist-Idealist Dilemma
Is President Bush a man of principle or pragmatism? So far, he has vacillated between the two. But leaders can`t have it both ways. James O`Toole
Stump Speech: President George W. Bush on leadership, terrorists, soldiers, and a strong, resilient America. Maxine Clayton
Cowards of the Year: 2003-2004 Edition
This flock of chickens is really something to cluck over. Michael Aneiro and Melissa Korn
" Ain`t It the Truth!"
An appreciation of the Cowardly Lion.
" Nothing is easy in Iraq. But you can`t not do it."
A British brigadier on the rebuilding of Iraq`s police force. Keith H. Hammonds
Is It Still Craig's List?
When you're a small, spirited startup built on community, personal attention, and customer service, attracting the investment of one of the world's largest dotcoms can be daunting. Craig's List's leaders had the courage to collaborate with eBay, and early reports indicate that the company will remain grounded -- while still having more room to grow. Lucas Conley
Home Depot`s Hardware Warriors
The DIY store is drafting former military officers to lead the charge against rivals Wal-Mart and Lowe`s. Rebecca Zicarelli
Battling Billionaires
Mark Cuban and Richard Branson are taking on the Donald with their own brand of reality TV. Here`s our sneak preview. Ryan Underwood
Writing Flint`s New Story
An automobile town made famous by filmmaker Michael Moore is trying to pull itself out of a decades-long slump. Fara Warner
Finding Your " Best-Stress Zone"
Stress -- it`s a good thing. So says an executive coach who should know what she`s talking about: She`s also an ER doc. Chuck Salter
The Price of Courage
Having trouble channeling your inner moxie? Or perhaps you just want the look of bravery. Five ideas for courage to go. Ryan Underwood
God Bless Our Corrupt Leaders
Our founding fathers created a system that embraces self-interested hustling. Ryan Underwood
No Secrets
Can you keep a secret? Not if it`s about leadership, judging by the raft of books exposing secrets of nearly everyone. Michael Aneiro
The New World-Changer
Social entrepreneurs and business school students the world over indicate that dot-orgs may be more powerful than dot-coms. Cheryl Dahle
Leadership by Osmosis
Soak up the secrets of SpongeBob SquarePants. Lucas Conley
Office Handbook
Appendix A: Leadership. Ryan Underwood
The Corporate Shrink
Advice for a recent grad with an eye on the corner office; the girlfriend of an overworked exec wonders whether to love him or leave him. Dr. Kerry J. Sulkowicz


How Do You Rate?
Fortune favors the bold. Can you make the tough calls at work? Take this quiz to test your leadership mettle. David Lidsky
Captain Courageous
A headhunter on the qualities that mark a brave CEO. Danielle Sacks
Keeping SCORE
Like many retirees, Frank Leibold travels, fishes, and plays golf. But the former executive and business professor also relishes an unusual gig: mentoring more than 800 entrepreneurs. Having coached business leaders in all 50 states in just over six months, his leadership lessons have spread far and wide. Shasha Dai
Tough-Love Leadership
The value of disappointment, loss, and resistance in the workplace. Fiona Haley
Readers` Choice: No Leading Without Reading
This month, we turn over Readers` Choice to three of our favorite leadership experts for their book recommendations on leadership and change.
Readers' Choice
This month, we asked three of our favorite thinkers to recommend books about courageous leadership.

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