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Table of Contents | June 2004

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Masters of Design
No matter what you do for a living, design matters. Meet and learn from 20 visionary men and women who are using design to create not just new products, but new ways of working, leading, and seeing. Bill Breen
The Thrill of Defeat
Want to know how to motivate people to take on tough odds? Ask the folks in Pfizer`s labs, where managing failure is a fine art and superhuman persistence an everyday habit. Bill Breen
The Liberator
Companies that are stuck in a rut look to Keith Yamashita to find out how to get back on track. Jennifer Reingold
Cuckoo For Customers
Here`s one high-tech company where dedication to customers borders on the loony. Alison Overholt
The Best Things In Life Are Free
In an excerpt from his new book, Free Prize Inside!, Seth Godin shows how anyone can champion new ideas. Seth Godin
A Day in the Life of Work: Field of Dreams
The secret behind a level playing field at Fenway? Try kitty litter and rubber-tire crumbs. Chuck Salter
Fast Talk: Better By Design
It can be a catalyst, a transformative force. Five corporate leaders who "get" design talk about how it has influenced their companies` strategies. Christine Canabou
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The MBA Menace
Management theorist and critic Henry Mintzberg has a few choice words for all you newly minted MBAs: The way you were taught management is all wrong. Henry Mintzberg
What`s Your Sign? Danielle Sacks
Venture Capital, " Rightsized"
The old guard of venture capital is changing. The reason? Older partners downshifting as new money starts to flow in. Justin Hibbard
CEO See-Ya!
This month: James Q. Crowe, CEO of Level 3 Communications. Carleen Hawn
Dear Shareholder: It was a great year. Really. Well, sort of...
This is the new era of accountability, right? So why are most annual reports still exercises in obfuscation and evasion? Danielle Sacks
60 Seconds With George Foreman
The great pugilist on harnessing the fear factor--and working 26-hour days. Linda Tischler
Everything in Moderation
Feel like being bad, but not that bad? Business hears you. New products show the market for moderation is becoming, uh, immoderate. Here are some guilty pleasures you can feel good about. Cheryl Della Pietra
Brands With Character
How to create the next Doughboy? One company takes clients to three-day Character Camps to help overhaul their brand images. Fara Warner
Employee Savings Plan
EMC`s plan to reduce company costs included a call to arms that attracted some interesting -- and effective -- employee recommendations. Jennifer Esty
Now Here`s a Mobile Phone
You can take it with you: A wireless conference phone goes where the action is. Scott Kirsner
Brush With Success
What if cleaning the air of pollutants was as easy as, well, letting paint dry? A new "ecopaint" could help win the war on urban pollution. Ian Wylie
You`re Playing With My Mind!
In Mindball, a new game powered by brain waves, calm is the ultimate weapon. Ian Wylie
Trade Gap
Do we need to close the trade gap -- or clothe it? The Gap`s suppliers indicate just how widespread the global economy is. Jennifer Esty
Ethics? Ask a First Grader
MBAs learn that the toughest moral critics are 6 years old. Fara Warner
A Jolt From the Past
Don`t let a lack of energy gum up the works. Jolt`s caffeinated gum can help you chew more than you bite off. Alison Overholt
Office Handbook
Chapter 18: Foreign Replacements. Ryan Underwood
The Corporate Shrink
A boss with more than work on her mind. Dr. Kerry J. Sulkowicz
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Brand You Survival Kit
When Tom Peters first wrote about Brand You, it was cool. Now it`s life or death. Tom Peters
The Ultimate Calling Card
Want to stand out from the crowd and increase your worth in the marketplace? Join the ranks of Peter Drucker, Faith Popcorn, and Dr. Seuss: Write a book. Paul B. Brown
Be a Track Star
Top headhunter James M. Citrin on how to build a great career now. James M. Citrin
Bargaining for Advantage
Life is a series of negotiations. This deal-making course helps attendees better prepare for a negotiation, solve real problems they`re working on now, and improve their skills.
Readers' Choice
In Ideas Are Free, we learn about the true power of suggestion.
Get-Out-of-My-Face Time
Accessible leaders can create dependency. Turn face time into get-out-of-my-face time. Marshall Goldsmith
Career Taxidermy
Career taxidermy makes dead models of work and family look alive. Shoshana Zuboff
More Great Stuff
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Welcome to the Design Revolution
This month`s letter from the editor. John A. Byrne
Between The Lines
The stories behind this issue`s stories.
Letters. Updates. Advice.
Think Pink
Report from the past. Linda Tischler
Social Capitalists, Unite!
Following our report on the top 20 social capitalists (January), several groups in the Company of Friends connected with social entrepreneurs to gauge the state of social capitalism in their own communities. Heath Row
The Net/Net
A go-to guide of the products and services featured in this month`s issue.
Web Exclusives
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Practicing More Than Jack Preached
John A. Byrne, editor-in-chief of Fast Company, recalls his first meetings with GE CEO Jeff Immelt -- and considers the leadership style, skills, and strategy of Jack Welch's successor.
Feedback: Things Leaders Do
Fast Company's readers are leaders. So we turned to you to learn more about the successful characteristics, qualities, and skills of leaders.
Bull Market 2004
Fast Company's own Free Prize Inside is a compendium of companies that can help you make things happen. Download Seth Godin's most recent project -- all 465 pages of it -- for free.