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Table of Contents - March 2004

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What We Learned In The New Economy
It wasn't the shiny world we envisioned. But it wasn't a train wreck, either. As the economy turns up again, we wonder: What was real? Jennifer Reingold
Where The Bucks Are
Youth-obsessed Madison Avenue is missing the biggest, richest market of the future. Boomer women have money to spend and make most purchasing decisions. Plus, they live 15 years longer than their husbands. So why aren`t advertisers paying them any attention? Linda Tischler
The King Of Curry
Sir Gulam Kaderbhoy Noon has built one of the world`s largest ethnic-food factories, cooking and shipping close to 1 million packaged meals a week. Starting at 6 a.m. every day, 1,000 workers cook from a menu of more than 800 dishes. Just don`t call it fast food. Ian Wylie
The Fast 50
Our third annual competition generated more than 1,650 entries, 15,000 reader comments - and 50 winners. From entrepreneurial monks to the inventor of magnetized sticky notes, their stories form an inspirational chronicle of creativity, struggle, and triumph. Paul Cabana
Hidden Asset
Thomas Davenport has helped midwife some of the biggest trends to have shaped business over the past 25 years--among them, reengineering and knowledge management. Now he`s asking: Where do ideas come from? And how do they get traction? Here`s his eight-point plan for winning with ideas. Bill Breen
Hold The Phone
Internet telephony is cheap: "The economics finally make sense." But as more and more companies are discovering, it also can let you do some nifty things. Voice over Internet protocol technology is keeping workers--in hospitals, Wall Street brokerages, law firms, even National Basketball Association franchises--connected as never before. Scott Kirsner
A Day in the Life of Work: Plane Crazy
Chuck Guerra is a plane mechanic--in the Mojave Desert. He parks, seals, and maintains planes that airlines can`t use, keeping them ready for their return, someday, to service. Chuck Salter
Fast Talk: Lessons From The New Economy
Everyone learned, or relearned, something from the epic boom and bust. We ask five of that era`s luminaries for their insight. Ryan Underwood


China`s Next Great Thing
Though China`s factories fill our shelves, it has yet to produce truly powerful global companies or brands. That`s about to change. Thomas Hout and Jim Hemerling
Self-Serving Surveys. Danielle Sacks
Can This Copy Shop Go Green?
Kinko`s copy shops use 32 million sheets of paper every day. Still, the company seeks a balance by conserving energy, buying renewable energy, and striving for sustainability. Abby Schultz
CEO See-Ya!
Which CEOs deserve the boot? Jennifer Reingold
Parma-Splat! An Opera In Way Too Many Acts
Enron and WorldCom introduced us to the high art of massive fraud. But Parmalat and its former chief executive, Calisto Tanzi, have elevated the form to epic tragicomedy. Ian Wylie
A Gazillion More Free Hours From AOL? Gee, Thanks.
How can AOL afford to attract millions of subscribers every year? More easily than you might think. Lucas Conley
Sadly, This Doesn`t Fix Tone Deafness
When your company`s team-building karaoke turns "scary-oke," here`s one way to keep it in the office. Ryan Underwood
The Google of Email?
Bloomba, a new email program based on a powerful search engine rather than folders, may be the answer to Outlook`s problems. Alison Overholt
To: My Editor | Subject: This #$%! Email - FREEBIE
Keeping up with your email in the air isn`t always the smoothest of flights. Carleen Hawn
How About " Cubicle in a Box? "
Our picks for the best and worst of desk kitsch. Ryan Underwood
The B in Business Stands for Bluff - FREEBIE
How to explain poker`s revival as America`s most popular sport? Could be because it`s the ultimate forum for liars. And that, says world poker champ Phil Hellmuth Jr., is good business. Carleen Hawn
Street Smarts
"If you can manage a bad pimp . . . and still be living," says Lateefah Simon, "you`ve got leadership skills you need to put to good use. Fara Warner
The Trump School of Business
Donald Trump`s reality series provides a playbook of sorts for corporate strivers in all manner of jungles. Linda Tischler
Corporate SPEAK
File under: All politics is logo. A type font that takes corporations to task.
60 Seconds With Jed Emerson
Someday, we may look back and wonder, What if we didn`t judge business on financial performance alone? Emerson wonders that today. Cheryl Dahle
How About This Beer Label: " I`m in Advertising!"
Upstart agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky is turning advertising on its head, from business class to beer bottles. Nate Nickerson
Fast Company`s Cosmo (Inspired) Quiz
Are you still hot for your job? Or has the relationship lost its romance? Take this quiz to find out. Ryan Underwood
FC Readers' Choice Award - NOT PROTECTED
Advises The Transparency Edge: Deliver as much information as quickly as possible.
Office Handbook
Chapter 7: Shrinkage. Ryan Underwood
The Corporate Shrink
All work and no play makes Jack just another typical executive in corporate America. Dr. Kerry J. Sulkowicz


To Help Others Develop, Start With Yourself
Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves. Marshall Goldsmith
Wealth Creation, 21st-Century Style
Glimpses of the building blocks of wealth creation, 21st-century style. Shoshana Zuboff
How to Give Feedback
Give great feedback! Most people don`t. Here are four rules for making your input count. Seth Godin

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