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Table of Contents | October 2007


2007 Masters of Design
Innovation and inspiration. Beauty and profit. Management and creativity. Our fourth annual report on the intersection of business and design.
The Masters
All About Yves
Not long ago, Yves Béhar was a self-described "slumlord" to cover his rent. Now he's a superstar. By Linda Tischler
Image: Design That Makes a Difference
The XO-1, known as the $100 laptop, which Béhar designed for Nicholas Negroponte and MIT Media Lab's One Laptop per Child project, is no mere plaything. It has beefy Wi-Fi and can be powered by rechargeable battery, foot pedal, or human-powered lawnmower-style cord. It's the size of a textbook and lighter than a lunch box, and with its "transformer" hinge, can be used as standard laptop, e-book, or gaming device. By Fast Company Staff
The Seven Axioms of Yves
By Fast Company Staff
Video: Yves Béhar on Furniture Design
Senior Writer Linda Tischler caught up with Yves Behar at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair, where he discussed furniture design principles.
Paola the Populist
The design universe revolves around a woman who loves Q-tips, Post-its, and The Twilight Zone. By Linda Tischler
Paola's Picks: A Few of MoMa's Recent Arrivals
By Fast Company Staff
Reinventing the Reel
The phrase "interactive advertising" is everywhere. Bob Greenberg actually makes it. By Danielle Sacks
Video: R/GA Interactive Advertising
Bob Greenber’s R/GA is Madison Avenue’s most creative interactive advertising agency, working with clients such as Nike, Nokia, and Verizon. Here’s a video tour of some of the firm’s best work.
Starck Raving
The design whirlwind behind everything from Richard Branson's space suits to a new global condo empire, Philippe Starck weighs in on the importance of fantasy, energy, and bivalves. By Linda Tischler
Image: Starck-itectural Details
By Fast Company Staff
Streamlining HP
Sam Lucente's business is corporate design. Persuasion is his game. By Bill Breen
Image: Hot Buttons
When Lucente started at HP in 2003, he had an outside firm do an audit of the company's products. It turned up enough navigation controls, including those shown below, to fill a 4-foot-by-8-foot poster. Now the Q Control, at right, is becoming the universal "steering wheel" for all the company's hardware. By Fast Company Staff
Image: The Evolution of a Printer
HP's design language is continually evolving. Below: Design chief Lucente highlights some of the key changes between an all-in-one printer from 2003, the PSC 2175, and the C6280 AiO, due out this fall. By Fast Company Staff
Image: Blackbird--Will It Fly?
Marketing chief Satjiv Chahil (middle row, left) and CTO Phil McKinney (bottom row, center), of the PC division, worked with the corporate-design group on a new gaming PC, the Blackbird: (clockwise from top left) a side view; the other side, with the sliding panel removed to let players change components inside; copper pipes that cool the motherboard; the hydraulic door on top of the machine, which hides a variety of ports. By Fast Company Staff
Slideshow: 2007 Masters of Design
The Newcomers
Talent Pool
Making their mark from New York to Tokyo. Fourteen talents who are driving design forward. By Tim McKeough
The Elements Of Design
By Aric Chen
By Alissa Walker
By Linda Tischler
Slideshow: 2007 Designer-Approved
We asked dozens of industry insiders which things they turn to for a shot of inspiration. The spittoon was a surprise. By Michael A. Prospero
Slideshow: 2007 Widgets We Love
Green Design
The Green Standard?
LEED buildings get lots of buzz, but the point is getting lost. By Anya Kamenetz
Point Spread
LEED certification for new construction is based on specific actions in six categories. Each action earns a point. Here's a sampling. By Fast Company Staff

Fast Talk: Creative Energy

Coal's Metamorphosis Man
By Cora Daniels
A Shining Biofuel Success
By Cora Daniels
Heavyweight Contender
By Cora Daniels
Chevron's Underground Researcher
By Cora Daniels
Preaching Energy Independence
By Cora Daniels
The Gas Man
By Cora Daniels


Around The Digital World in 19 Days
Charge up your iPod: October is ripe with digital-entertainment conferences. There are at least five big ones, and if you tried to attend them all, you'd spend most of the month in airport club rooms. Here's a cheat sheet to help you prioritize. By Brian Dwyer
Dotcom Debutantes
By Brian Dwyer
Streaming Live at Eleven
By Alison Overholt
Winging It
By Kate Bonamici Flaim
Everyday Engineering
By Fast Company Staff
On the Runway
By David Futrelle
The Hard Sell
By Aimee Rawlins


Tough Guys
How the NFL and its corporate partners have been able to avoid a permanent black eye despite persistent drug and violence problems. By Patrick J. Sauer
The Money Game
Despite the NFL's problems, the league remains the premier advertising and marketing platform for companies that target men. An official sponsorship lets companies use all NFL and team logos in their marketing and promotions, and get value from being seen on television during games (in sideline Gatorade dunks, for example). Rival companies that lose out on an official deal cleverly formulate counterstrategies to associate themselves with NFL teams and players. Here are the marketing muscle matchups in four popular advertising categories. By Michael A. Prospero
Courting Viewers
Can Steve Koonin save another cable network? By Caroline Wilbert
Cafeteria 2.0
Winning high-tech hearts through their stomachs. By Adam Bluestein
The Future Earth Diet
Bon Appétit Management Co.'s latest initiative in the 400-plus corporate cafés it manages is a low-carbon diet. The plan aims to minimize the carbon footprint of Bamco's food-service operations. Here, a look at the targets. By Fast Company Staff
Citywide plastic-bag bans are gaining momentum. But will companies be the ones that force us to change? By Elizabeth Royte
Business Left Undone
Bill McGuire left United-Health in the wake of an options scandal. While he awaits his fate, he refocuses on his great passion: reforming health care. By Ellen McGirt
Spicing Up the Gum Trade
The Wrigley Global Innovation Center is changing the way the venerable candy maker creates products. How a sleek new chew came to be. By Evan West
Image: Top Gum
As sales of the classically cavity-causing stuff have dropped off, manufacturers are rolling out sugar-free varieties that boast special benefits such as teeth whitening, as well as neat packaging. Wrigley has high hopes for its new 5 gum. A good gauge will be if it can match the performance of newcomers such as Stride and Splash. By Elise Waxenberg


Made To Stick: Time to Get Trigger Happy
Creating an environment for your idea will make it more successful. By Chip Heath and Dan Heath
Beverage Marketers Have Created Idea Triggers Better Than Anyone.
They're so good that they're routinely co-opted for political purposes. By Chip Heath and Dan Heath
The Scoble Show: Return of the King
Cofounder Jerry Yang returns as CEO and ushers in a more social Yahoo. By Robert Scoble
Scoble on Tech on
Robert Scoble is a technology enthusiast and video podcast evangelist. Here you will find his magazine columns and web exclusive videos, as well as excerpts from his blog citing the best of the tech web.
Murketing: Amateur Hour, Web Style
The brand may be yours, but the message is me, me, me. By Rob Walker
Green Business: Ruthless Rules for Enviros
As big businesses get eco-religion, don't try to change the players, change the rules. By David Roberts
Not So Fast: The Tao of Steve
The real reason we keep buying Apple products. By Elizabeth Spiers

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