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Table of Contents | February 2007


Way Behind The Music
For John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and hundreds of other talents, Musictoday is the invisible machine keeping fans pumped and the money rolling in. By Chuck Salter
Slideshow: Music's Invisible Money Machine
A backstage look at how supersecret Musictoday helps hundreds of artists and athletes engage with fans and take more control of their brands.
The Music Man: A Q&A with Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino
Last year's acquisition of Musictoday was part of a larger transformation within Live Nation, the biggest concert promoter in the business. Here, Rapino discusses how the company has been changing its tune -- and the concert experience -- since spinning off from radio giant Clear Channel in late 2005. By Alyssa Danigelis and Chuck Salter
Audio: John Legend - "Sun Comes Up"
In the John Legend Network, members are offered an exclusive unreleased Live CD (John Legend: Live at the Tin Angel ) as part of their member kit. The kit also contains a special laminate that members wear at shows to get special privleges when members go see Legend live. Click Here to hear more live John Legend music and learn more about the Legend Network.
Audio: John Mayer Interview
Local-83, John Mayer's official Listener's Union features this exclusive candid interview with Mayer discussing his latest album, Continuum. The full interview can be found on the website.
L.A. Goes Public
After decades of neglect, L.A.'s public transit gets a redesign--and a lot of new fans. By Alissa Walker
Digging Out
The idea of putting people to work was largely neglected after the invasion of iraq. Now, as debate mounts over troop withdrawals, one strategy might help fill the void. By David Axe
Can't Touch This
Working all but alone from his hardware-strewn office, Jeff Han is about to change the face of computing. not even the big boys are likely to catch him. By Adam L. Penenberg
Video: Remapping the Universe
In this video, Jeff Han and Phil Davidson demonstrate how a multi-touch driven computer screen will change how we work and play.
Degree Of Difficulty
Global warming threatens the very viability of Aspen's famed ski resort. The real fix is about changing the way people think. By Charles Fishman
She's Got Their Number
Brenda Dietrich revels in theory but lives in the real world--and her team of math geeks is changing the way IBM works. By Chuck Salter
An Unlikely Story
Boston's Gardner Museum, where not a frame has budged since 1924, is spinning out hot new podcasts. By Kathryn Tuggle
"I No Longer Want to Work for Money"
Whole Foods' John Mackey explains his outrageous pay cut.
Fast Talk: Brands On The Run
Atlantic Records president Julie Greenwald on what it takes to make brands out of bands. By Josie Swindler
Fast Talk: Getting A (Second) Life
Chuck Hamilton is using Second Life to train new IBM hires. And he looks darned good in a kilt.
Fast Talk: Marathon Man
Medtronic's Stephen Oesterle gets patients to run 26 miles with him--to prove the power of optimism. By Kathryn Tuggle


Twenty People, Four Notes
How Microsoft created the sound of Vista. By Linda Tischler
Can You Ace This Test?
A new exam forces managers to prove their mettle. By Michael Fitzgerald
It's Not TV. It's TVU.
A new technology lets anyone broadcast and watch live TV online. By Josie Swindler
Phone Flip
How your cell phone is morphing into the center of your universe. By Yuval Rosenberg
Mobile Remote Control
These mobile applications transform cell phones into life management devices. By Yuval Rosenberg
Hope Diamonds
In Sierra Leone, a plan for fair-trade gems. By Ian Wylie
Community of Ideas
A rogue media network connects Spanish innovators. By Kathryn Tuggle
A Concise History Of The Infonomia Phenomenon
No Accounting For Design?
Great design drives profits. We know that. But we can't prove it--yet. By Bill Breen
Support Groups for Dummies
What happens when experts in home theater, acne, and GURPS collide? By John Rosenthal
Collect All 10!
John Davis is a serial intellectual entrepreneur--and he has the cards to prove it. By Polya Lesova
Flying Cars
Getting a "roadable aircraft" off the ground. By Kathryn Tuggle
Blogging the Bloggers
We go meta this month, bringing you the top sites for and about bloggers. How to blog best? Read on. By Michael A. Prospero
Fashion Forward
We've come a long way from the miracle of rayon. How new fabric technology is changing our duds. By Paul Lukas
The Smart Setup
The new year brings with it a small raft of thought-provoking business books. Here are the candidates most likely to be 2007's Freakonomics, Fast Food Nation, or Blink. By Lucas Conley
By Our Staff
Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life.
Coffee, Tea … or Broadband?
There's new hope on the horizon for in-flight Internet access. By Alison Overholt
Desktop In Your Pocket
Are the laptop's days numbered? By Brian T. Horowitz
Savvy, With Hints Of Guile And Resourcefulness
Cameron Hughes turned his low-cost premium vintner into an $8 million business--and an unexpected hit at Costco--with no inventory or equipment. Now he's expanding from California to as many as 150 Costcos nationwide. Here's how Hughes makes nectar from nothing. By Chuck Salter
Stable Hand
Even the CEO of a spa knows stress. John Vanderslice, 45, feels it as he grows Miraval from a destination resort into a lifestyle brand (including a 365-unit apartment building in New York, set to open this summer). Vanderslice uses his insider info about relaxation to find balance. It's either that, or eat his hat. By Christopher Percy Collier
Winter Magic
An avalanche of industry firsts improve your snowbound fun. By Robert E. Calem
Slideshow: Idea Log: "The Loop" remote control
Hillcrest Labs CEO and founder Dan Simpkins has reinvented the remote control for the 5,000-channel universe of TV, on-demand video, music, and games. By Michael A. Prospero
Video: Hillcrest Labs: Freespace Pointing
In this video watch a demonstration of The Loop remote control.
Let the Sun Shine
Solar stocks are the feel-good investments of the hour. That's why you need to be careful. By Walecia Konrad

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