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Table of Contents | November 2006


A Head For Detail
Gordon Bell feeds every piece of his life into a surrogate brain, and soon the rest of us will be able to do the same. But does perfect memory make you smarter, or just drive you nuts? By Clive Thompson
How To Build Your Own MyLifeBits By Clive Thompson
Telly Visionary
With 15 Emmys and a superstar client list, set designer Jim Fenhagen is the hottest thing on TV.
By Linda Tischler
Slideshow: Telly Visionary
Down the Rabbit Hole
Making The Blair Witch Project taught Campfire how to tap the power of curiosity. Meet the puppet masters of viral marketing. By Danielle Sacks
Slideshow: Virology 101
Hyper-Local Hero
Ten years ago, Rob Curley was covering city hall for the Topeka daily paper. Now he's lighting up the entire industry. How a "nerd from Kansas" discovered the web, and hit the big time. By Chuck Salter
Rob Curley's Greatest Clicks
Pop! Till You Drop
For a decade, Pop!Tech has brought together luminaries, wizards, writers, entrepreneurs, and other brainiacs to try to outhink the world's problems. This year's no different. By Anya Kamenetz
Pop!Stars 2006 By Anya Kamenetz
The Expert on Experts
An expert guide to expertise. By Christopher Percy Collier
Fast Talk: Now Playing
How Thomas McInerney's Guba beat out the bigs in the race to offer legal movie downloads.
Fast Talk: Trashing Trash
Shannon Boase sells recycled produce containers. Getting retailer buy-in isn't the problem.
Fast Talk: Best Brains
Best Buy's Shari Ballard on how to mine great ideas at a company of 128,000 people.


The PS3 Economy (PDF)
Sony's much-anticipated PlayStation 3 hits stores on November 17. Its success or failure will have a profound impact not only on Sony but also on its complicated network of partners and rivals.
By Michael A. Prospero
Mommy and Me
Tellme Networks' products are so simple, even the CEO's mother gets them. In fact, she has to.
By Linda Tischler
New Profit
Make money. Change the world. Better yet, says Good Capital, do both. By Cheryl Dahle
Coach For A Day
EA's NFL Head Coach video game offers a mixed message on the art of management. By Josie Swindler
Rumble In the Music Jungle
The last profit center of the recording industry gets an iTunes makeover. By Danielle Sacks
How Rumblefish Works
Local Color
With the rollout of Nokia's flagship stores around the world, designers Tim Kobe and Wilhelm Oehl are balancing Nokia's global brand with local flavor. By Paul Lukas
Do You Believe In Magic?
You should, but only if you're prepared to do the work. By Keith H. Hammonds
House In a Box
Century-old construction technology comes home.By John Rosenthal
The Superfruits Are Coming
Bored with blueberries? Passing on pomegranates? Marketers are pushing a new generation of exotic, good-for-you flavors. By David Lidsky
In the Mood
A new way to map human cities. By Tracy Staedter
Best Blogs: Social Science
Kevin Bacon? Social networking is way past him. Here are three smart blogs to help you keep up.
By Michael A. Prospero
Whither the Checkout Girl?
By Paul Lukas
Cha Cha Cha
Scott Jones is back in his zone, working 20-hour days on a new Internet search engine. By Evan West
Keep Out
The newest innovations in Web security and privacy. By Yuval Rosenberg
Reading List: The New Capitalists
Ordinary investors are holding more sway, write the authors of The New Capitalists. By Lucas Conley
More Recommended Reading
Home Away From Home
Get yourself a temporary office to work like a grown-up while traveling. By Joseph Manez
Electric Power
Are you ready for the sports car that hits 112 mph in first gear--and isn't a gas guzzler? By Michael A. Prospero
What, No Shoe Phone?
High technology has infiltrated the next generation of footwear. We decide which pairs kick our lives up a notch--and which need a reboot. By Robert E. Calem
Slideshow: Idea Log
Nine years in the making, the new home of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals represents a leap forward for stadium design. Starchitect Peter Eisenman explains its evolution.
Slideshow: Wit's End
An illustrated tale: The joy of work gets you only so far.

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Letter from the Editor
The persistence of memory. By Mark N. Vamos
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