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Table of Contents | July/August 2006


The Tastemaker
At her cutting-edge shows in Miami and Basel, Ambra Medda presides over the future of design. Someday, you'll be sitting in a version of that $52,000 chair. By Linda Tischler
Long Shots
Hollywood, beware: In the era of digital movies, more and more people can pick up a camera and make a commercial-quality flick. They might even hit it big. By Adam L. Penenberg
By the Numbers: Digital Video
Talk to Customers?
At Credit Suisse, American renegade David McQuillen is forcing executives to think differently about their clients. Listening to them is a good start. By Ian Wylie
Ebay Heads East
China has 111 million Netizens--and they'd all like to sell you something. By Clive Thompson
Checking In
Hyatt's handsome new Chicago head-quarters actually feels... hospitable. By Linda Tischler
Slideshow: Hyatt Headquarters
Gold in Them Hills
The global construction boom could spawn an eco-friendly new business: mining landfills. By Alan Deutschman
Nasty, Dirty, Yucky... And in Demand
Fast Talk: Superman Returns
He has spent decades bounding through comics, television, and film. Now he joins forces with a new (and, you know, super) creative team. By Lucas Conley
China Hands
Is China the next economic superpower? Ming Zeng of Cheung Kong business school and Elizabeth Economy from the Council on Foreign Relations hash it out. By Ming Zeng and Elizabeth C. Economy
Full Text: China Hands
Age of the Aerotropolis
Huge airports, with thriving cities nearby, are rising everywhere--evoking everything we fear about globalization. By Greg Lindsay


Cooler Than Thou
Big companies are outsourcing "cool" to nimbler, closer-to-the-ground outsiders. They might as well farm out their souls. By Lucas Conley
Old Henry is Smiling
NanoDynamics is creating an assembly line for fuel cells--in an old Ford factory. By Fara Warner
Masters of Disaster
How do you prepare your company for the worst? Meet executives who do just that. By Jennifer Reingold
Mideast Makeover
A U.S. school is making designers of Qatar's abaya-clad women. By Danielle Sacks
Electric Slide
Direct from Sweden, appliances that nag us about the energy we're consuming. Which explains why your lamp is melting. By Tracy Staedter
Slideshow: Appliances That Nag
Goaaaall! Uh, Never Mind
They won't stop hooligans, but radio chips inside soccer balls could end disputes. By Ian Wylie
A Virus With a Charge
Innovation: Batteries built with genetically modified viruses. Available: Prototype by 2008. By Tracy Staedter
Labs on a Chip
Innovation: Portable biosensor. Available: 2008. By Chuck Salter
2G for 3-D
Those old blue-and-red glasses? History. 3-D movie technology is getting a makeover. By Scott Kirsner
On the Road... Again
Business travel doesn't have to be so much work. Three smart blogs tell you who to fly, where to stay, and how to deal. By Michael A. Prospero
Bloc Party
A new organization prepares future leaders to make big change. By Jennifer Vilaga
Grammatical Usage: Are We Concepting Yet?
Come Out Fighting
In a sort of salon-meets-fight-club, LVHRD pits creative against creative. By Joseph Manez
Critical calendar listings for July/August 2006. By Joseph Manez
Can Your Banner Ad Do This?
The future of advertising may be... in the toilet. By Jennifer Pollock
Underground Movement
Architects in the Outfield
In stadium design, what's old is new again. By Paul Lukas


Summer Reading
Four books that never reached their tipping point--but should have. By Lucas Conley
Freak Control
Meet the woman who puts order to Blue Man Group's once-chaotic creative process. By Alyssa Danigelis
Wish You Were Here?
Three new ways to expand your mind this summer. By Stirling Kelso
Self-Service Sleeping
Customers love to check themselves in at the airport. Can they ever feel the same way about hotels? By Susan Stellin
Fly by Night (or Day, or...)
The Corporate Shrink
You Schmooze, You Win
Those rehashings of American Idol with your office buddies are actually good for productivity. By Caroline Wilbert

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