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Sensible Investing 2007


Learn More about Impact + Profit

Want to learn more about quantifying human impact and how it drives profit? Here are connections to some leading resources in the field.

Blended Value
Jed Emerson, a leader in thinking and writing about three sources of value--economic, social and environmental--has spurred shifts in how foundations, investors and organizations operate. Jed is also counseling Generation Investment Management (see below) and a fellow with the Said Business School at Oxford University.

Calvert offers about 40 portfolios of socially responsible mutual funds and investments (both equity and debt) that can generate a social return as well as financial upside. With $14 billion assets under management, Calvert serves more than 400,000 investors, both individual and institutions.

Generation Investment Management
Founded in 2004 by former US Vice President Al Gore and Goldman Sachs partner David Blood, Generation offers a buy-and-hold fund of 30-50 equities. Institutional investors and high-net-worth clients are the main clients, and sustainability research is core to the portfolio’s decision-making approach.

HIP Investor Founded by R. Paul Herman, former strategist for eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s social-impact venture fund, HIP Investor quantifies results of companies and portfolios, and advocates that new sources of innovation are possible when business solves human problems with sustainable solutions. HIP Investor consults to companies, investors and entrepreneurs with experience across the business, social and government sectors.

As the "grandparent" of professional socially-responsible investment research started by Peter Kinder, Steven Lydenburg and Amy Domini, KLD now has an ETF (electronically traded fund) and several equity indices that are tracked, including the Domini 400 benchmark. The firm sells analysis, research and provides advice to and compliance products for investors of all types.

SRI Notes
Lloyd Kurtz, a portfolio manager at Nelson Capital Management (owned by Wells Fargo), systematically tracks the developments and revelations in the field of socially-responsible investing. Many of Kurtz's insights are shared with the Center for Responsible Business at Haas b-school under the University of California at Berkeley's umbrella.

SRI Studies
An overview and compilation of 17 compelling analyses of how human impact and profit correlate, pulled together by Lloyd Kurtz (see above), who also initiated the Moskowitz Prize and research program to reward academic breakthroughs in correlating social and business results.

SVT Group
Started by Sara Olsen, a co-founder of the Global Social Venture Competition, SVT Group measures social and environmental performance of organizations, and helps them track progress over time by implementing systems to do so. SVT works across sectors, in business, non-profits, and governments--and has advised on large institutional portfolio allocations and venture funds.