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Sensible Investing 2007


Experts in Measuring Impact

Fast Company partnered with HIP Investor and SVT Group because of their innovation and expertise in measuring impact--and experience in helping leaders and organizations realize results.

HIP Investor™
San Francisco-based HIP Investor believes that the global pool of $140 trillion in investment capital is under-invested until all equity, debt and cash generates both financial returns and positive benefit for society. Human Impact is quantified in four categories: health, wealth, earth and equality. When pursued, each of these can drive new markets, revenues and profits for organizations willing to shift their mindset and adapt their approach to innovation. HIP Investor serves corporations, investors and entrepreneurs seeking to generate both human impact and profit simultaneously. More info at

SVT Group
Based in San Francisco, Social Venture Technology (SVT) Group channels the potential of markets to create positive social and environmental returns. SVT is committed to helping for-profit and non-profit clients realize those returns by making them easy to visualize and communicate. SVT helps organizations and their supporters measure, manage and communicate the full spectrum of their work's value--social, environmental and economic--by providing a means of visualizing the non-financial value that is often hard to see. More info at