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About the Contributors

Sensible Investing: Oil

About The Contributors

Amy Feldman is a New York-based freelance writer. Amy's last piece for Fast Company was about Abbott's bio-absorbable stents. She can be reached at

R. Paul Herman has focused his life on solving human problems in business, nonprofit and government operations, with experience as an entrepreneur, management consultant at McKinsey and CSC Index, chief development officer at, and investment strategist at eBay founder Pierre Omidyar's Network. As the founder and CEO of HIP Investor, Paul advises investors, companies and entrepreneurs (both business and social) to solve human problems for sustainable, profitable growth. Paul graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and has lectured at Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, and U.C. Berkeley, as well as networks of Echoing Green social entrepreneurs, Net Impact MBAs, and international Fulbright Scholars.

Sara Olsen, an innovator of methods of social and environmental impact valuation, co-developed the HIP Scorecard for the April 2006 investor issue. Sara founded SVT Group in 2001 to design environmental and social-impact valuation and reporting tools, including serving CalPERS' original $200M environmental technology private equity initiative, and a "gourmet" carbon credit that includes ecosystem services plus poverty alleviation. She co-founded the Global Social Venture Competition in 1999, where 1,000-plus teams have created business plans for making money while solving social and environmental problems. Sara earned an MBA at U.C. Berkeley; a Masters of Social Work at the University of Chicago; and a BA from Dartmouth College.

HIP and SVT Group:

Brett Galimidi, partner at SVT Group, is an environmental management expert also experienced in high-tech media communications, with a specialty in enabling market-based solutions for environmental and social problems. Brett's experience includes work with Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda establishing a social-return-on-investment tool for measuring units of ecological, economic and social impact for trade on the voluntary carbon markets; and with New Progressive Coalition designing and implementing its cornerstone Political Return on Investment (PROI) tool. Brett has a Master's in Environmental Management from Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; and a B.Sci in Anthropology, UCLA.

Jessica Skylar, executive vice president of HIP Investor, leads HIP's research and analytics teams as well as operations and marketing. Jessica's experience consulting to top international non-profits at the Center for Development Communication, working on the US and Development teams at Ashoka, and leading marketing and fundraising at Social Capitalist awardee and Ashoka Fellow Springboard Forward, is complemented by her young entrepreneuring, creating youth programs and a student-led human-rights task forces in her hometown of Los Angeles. Jessica has a BA in International Development and an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Dina Beigelman graduated with a BS from Case Western Reserve University with a major in business and a minor in entrepreneurship. While an undergrad, Dina led her university sorority network in streamlining the recruiting process. After graduation, Dina led the donor cultivation events at the Berkeley Repertory Theater, and volunteered at leading Bay Area non-profits focused on the environment. Since joining the HIP team as an intern in Summer 2007, Dina has been promoted to Research and Analysis Lead after leading the team's industry analysis on banking and travel. Currently, she is spearheading streamlining systems, setting up research systems, and has created (and is driving!) HIP's online networks.

Print edition Research Assistants:

Jenny Harms is a second year MBA student at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business who plans a career in sustainable resource development, management, and social and environmental impact analysis.

Ashok Kamal is an independent consultant to clients that focus on youth development, advocacy, and education. He is currently pursuing an MS in Nonprofit Management at Milano the New School for Management and Urban Policy, and plans to begin MBA studies in 2008.

Javier Flores is an independent consultant working for the globally recognized social enterprise, Ciudad Saludable, and was previously with Thomson Venture Economics. He plans to pursue his MBA beginning in 2008.

Greg Noce is a lawyer in New York. His practice focuses on Class Action and International Human Rights litigation.

Pierette Imbriano is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the nonprofit, CAMBA. Previously she worked in Socially Responsive Investing and asset management at Lehman Brothers and Christian Brothers Investment Services.

Barbara Berska is a business consultant with EzeCastle Software/BNY ConverEx Group interested in the application of technology and research to solutions to social and environmental problems.

Online edition Research Assistants:

Aparna Darisipudi is an independent consultant who holds a BS in International Environmental Studies and an MBA in International Business/Marketing. Aparna is currently focused on sustainable management practices and environmental business solutions.

Jenna Carl is an independent consultant with a BA in History from Cornell, formerly a management strategist at Deloitte and a project manager for Parks and Recreation of the City of New York. Jenna is focused on sustainable investing and new ventures solving human problems.