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Sensible Investing 2007

A new way of looking at the human side of investing with the HIP (that's Human Impact + Profit) Scorecard. For this analysis, Fast Company teamed up with two San Francisco-based firms, HIP Investor and SVT Group, to evaluate and rate publicly listed companies. Our goal: to look beyond good intentions and focus on concrete results--how human impact drives the bottom line--as a guide for investors seeking to generate compelling returns and benefit society.

The 21 companies profiled here were able to describe their strategic vision, performance metrics, financial returns, accountability, and decision-making systems that supported sustainable performance. They could also articulate how that management approach drove human impact: namely, the health and wealth of customers and employers, environmental quality, and social equality.

Measured Progress
Investors are figuring it out: short-term numbers don't tell the whole story. How to think about valuing the invaluable.

The HIP Scorecard
A new way of looking at the human side of investment performance.

Get a HIP Replacement
Be HIP in how you buy, how you innovate, where you invest, and how you vote.

Experts in Measuring Impact
Fast Company partnered with HIP Investor and SVT Group because of their innovation and expertise in measuring impact--and experience in helping leaders and organizations realize results.

Slideshow: 10 Tips for Making Sensible Investments
10 tips for investing in companies that drive profit through human impact.

Learn More About Impact + Profit
Want to learn more about quantifying human impact and how it drives profit? Here are connections to some leading resources in the field.