Lia Pregnancy Test

LIA Diagnostics

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Bethany Edwards, Co-Founder and CEO; Anna Couturier Simpson, Co-Founder and CPO; Sarah Rottenberg, Co-Founder



Alder Play


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James Griffin, Product Lead; Jay Chan, Lead Designer; Holly Brennan, Lead Researcher; Anders Brevik, Unity/App Developer; Kevin Malkic, Unity/App Developer; Paul Springlett, Full Stack Software Developer; Dain Demmel, Creative Technologist; Derek Thorpe, QA Engineer; Gayane Gevorgyan, Delivery Coach; Emma Nordung, Delivery Coach

Collective Health's Open Enrollment Experience

Collective Health

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Sarahjane Sacchetti, Senior Vice President of Marketing; Susan Dybbs, Vice President of Design; Abdul Wahid Ovaice, Creative Director; Avery Kim, Lead Designer; Olivia Paden, Packaging Designer; Mercedes Coats, Video Producer; Jessica Duong, Video Art Director; Jasmin Kohl, Web Portal Designer; Casey Kawahara, Web Portal Designer; Heather Grates, Web Portal Designer; Melody Burdette, Lead Copywriter



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Felix Noller, Lead Interaction Designer; Morten Kantsø, Lead Visual Designer; Shotaro Ishii, Lead Visual Designer; Stuart George, Executive Director of Design Technology; Álvaro Márquez, Chief Creative Officer; Josh Newnham, Lead Technologist; Hector Pottie, Creative Director; Matt Millington - Strategic Director, Method

Health Insurance and The Art of Compromise


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Jennifer Fitzgerald and Francois de Lame – CEO, CMO & Cofounders; Justin Ternullo – Chief Design Officer; Natalie Colburn – Product Designer; Scott Holand – Product Manager; Brad Wheel – Lead Engineer

Seeing AI--talking camera app


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Ran Zhao (Designer); Samantha Neufeld (User Researcher); Jeanne Parson (Audio designer); Rob Frye (Interaction Designer); Anirudh Koul (Founder and Researcher); Saqib Shaikh (Tech Lead); Eugene Seleznev (Software Engineer); Meher Kasam (Software Engineer); Harrison Wray (Software Engineer)

UV Sense


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Yves Behar, Chief Creative Officer, Qin Li, Ilgu Cha, Kristine Arth, Gustav Rehnby, Judy Leung, Sanam Nassirpour

eNeura sTMS mini


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LUNAR Design and eNeura Inc.

Gillette TREO


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Matthew Hodgson, Principal Design Engineer, Gillette R&D; Sushant Trivedi, Senior Brand Manager, Gillette North America


Honorable Mention

Pharmacy Station

Nimble Pharmacy

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Anda Zhou - Engineering, Andrew Yeh - Product, Anna Menyhart - Marketing, Dean Chen - Engineering, Eva Ong - Administration, Gary Suen - Design, James Zhang - Engineering, Jennifer Wu - Engineering, Jonathan Xu - Engineering, Jon Winny - Operations, Lauren Magnus - Sales, Michelle Meredith-Bowen - Sales, Natty Coleman - Design, Neha Zope - Product, Randy Allen - Sales, Shaun Johnson - Product, Tyler Leone - Sales, Zoe Cohen - Marketing

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab


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HDR, Abigail Clary, Principal in Charge, Todd Eicken, Project Director, Tom Trenolone, Design Principal, Jon Crane, Translational Health Science Director, William DeRoin, Designer, Michael McGinn, Project Architect, Karl Lust, Senior Project Architect, Jeffrey Fahs, Land Planner, Jennifer Bradley, Architectural Coordinator, Lance Thies, Landscape Designer, Claire Swanson, Principal Lab Planner, Randy Niehaus, Lighting Designer, Krysia Lynch, Interior Designer, Kevin Augustyn, Designer, Trevor Hollins, Lighting Designer Gensler Architecture Project Team, Grant Uhlir, Principal in Charge, Nila R. Leiserowitz, Senior Strategist, Steve Weindel, Design Principal, Brian Vitale, Design Director, Linda Mysliwiec, Project Architect, Aleksandar Sasha Zeljic, Project Architect, Tim Jacobson, Project Architect, Scott Hurst, Designer, Chris Grosse, Technical Coordinator Interior Design Project Team, Anne Gibson, Design Director, Lena Kitson, Project Manager, Lindsey Feola, Designer, Carlos Martinez, Design Principal, Rachel Sears, Designer, Daniel Krause, Designer Clive Wilkinson Architects, Clive Wilkinson, Design Director, Chester Nielsen, Project Director, Amber Wernick, Senior Interior Designer, Humberto Arreola, Interior Designer, Ben Kalenik, Project Coordinator, Jesse Madrid, Architectural Assistant, Evan Bliss, Architectural Assistant EGG Office, Christian Daniels, Design Director, Kate Tews, Project Manager, Mary Kim Harmon, Graphic Designer, Andrea Lee, Graphic Designer

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab website

Code & Theory

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Michael Newcomb – Code & Theory – Associate UX Director – Project Lead (Site and Display) – Amy Ditullio – Code & Theory – Sr. Producer – Producer, Lead (Site and Display) – Jesse Poe – Code & Theory – Director of Creative Strategy – Strategy, Lead (Site) – Nicole Gavrilles – Code & Theory – Sr. Visual Designer – Visual Design, Lead (Site) – Nicole Muther – Code & Theory – UX Designer – UX Design, Support (Site)– Stephanie Daher – Code & Theory – UX Designer – UX Design, Support (Site) – Tania Lili – Code & Theory– Visual Designer – Visual Design, Support (Site) – Anthony Bovasso – Code & Theory – Senior Technical Director – Technology, Lead (Site and Display) – Stephanie Schroeder – Code & Theory – Producer – Producer, Support (Site) – Katie Resch – Code & Theory – Producer – Producer, Support (Site) – Zooey Purdy – Code & Theory – Senior Creative Strategist – Strategy, Lead (Display) – Alexa Katz – Code & Theory – UX Designer – UX Design, Support (Display) – Konstantinos Riginos – Code & Theory – Senior Visual Designer – Visual Design, Lead (Display) – Pete Steiner – Code & Theory – Director of Industrial Design – Industrial Design, Lead (Display) – David Whitely – Code & Theory – Creative Technologist – Creative Technologist (Display) Nate Andersen - Code and Theory - Senior Developer - Lead Backend (Site and Display), Chris Runo - Mediacurrent - Backend (Site), Aaron Hitchcock - Code and Theory - Senior Developer - Lead Front-end (Site), Lacy Garrison - Code and Theory - Associate Director, Technology - Front-end (Site), Walt Mitchell - Code and Theory - Front-end Developer - Front-end (Display), Carolyn Tambini - Code and Theory - Associate Director of QA - Lead QA (Site and Display), Cassandra Haffner - Code and Theory - Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Site)

Axonics Sacral Neuromodulation System

Karten Design

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Stuart Karten, Dennis Schroeder, Eric Schmid, Eric Olson

HIV Testing Reminders


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Jack Harrison-Quintana, VP of Social Impact

My BP Lab

Samsung Electronics America

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Diabetes Prevention


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Christina Bognet, co-founder and CEO; Daniel Nelson, co-founder and CEO; Nicole VIlleneuve, director of partnerships

Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System


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Ran Ma (CEO); Jie Fu (CTO); Henk Jan Scholten (COO)

Intelligent Control Inhaler

3M Corporation

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Sam Van Alstyne, Marketing; Louise Righton, Marketing; Richard Brewer, Engineer; Steve Wick, R&D; Richard Moody, R&D.; Lesley Hoe, Regulatory; Stewart Griffiths, Project Management

The AEGIS Neonate Medical Wrap


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Mary Chiesa, Founder and CEO is the chief designer of AEGIS. Carin Johnson, CFO contributed to the final design. Amy Shick, COO provides business development, sales and marketing.

An Easy Way to Order DNA

Twist Bioscience

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Gillian Jarvis, Design Director; Ariel Moiduser, Designer; Daniel Chadash, Director of Digital Product; Yoav Yariv, Product Manager; Federico Dayan, UX Designer; Twist R&D Team (TLV & SF)

Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

Astro Studios

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Astro Studios design team, Bose design team

Eargo Plus


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Ammunition Eargo


Boston Children's Hospital, Klick Health

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Michael Docktor, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist and Clinical Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator; John Brownstein, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children's Hospital; Yan Fossat, Vice President, Labs, Klick Health; Peter Leynes, Director, Medical Animation, Klick Health; Kateryna Procunier, Medical Animator, Klick Health; Leanne Chan, Senior Medical Animator, Klick Health; Victoria Mui, Senior User Experience Architect, Klick Health; Andrew Lee, Senior Developer, Klick Health; Max Gerlach, Technical Explorer, Klick Health; Daniil Molodkov, Senior Developer, Klick Health; Jordan Bedi, Quality Assurance Specialist, Klick Health

iN: Cognitive Patient Care Assistant


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Michael Wang -Founder/CEO, Inspiren Paul Coyne - Co-Founder/President, Inspiren Vin Cocito - Co-Founder/COO, Inspiren Jeff Morelli - Co-Founder/VP of Technology Implementation, Inspiren Marcel Botha - Design Lead/CEO, 10XBeta Berk IIhan - Industrial Design, 10XBeta Christina Sicoli - Industrial Design, 10XBeta Ellen Crane - Industrial Design, 10XBeta Simon Ellison- Industrial Design, 10XBeta Andy MacDonald - Technical Director, Normative Anthony Bennett - Lead Developer, Normative Scott Wright - Senior Developer, Normative Lane Buie - VP Client Services, Normative Laura Shaw - User Experience Designer, Normative Devon Williamson - Graphic Designer, Normative Heather Thomas - Growth Director, Normative Ahmed Elhusseiny - Product Design Lead, AESuper Lab Ryan Melony - Video Director,

Lab100 at Mount Sinai

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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David Stark, Lead; Joel Dudley, Executive sponsor; Sarah Pesce, Clinical operations; Savi Glowe, Operations; Jerome Scelza, Project management; Max Tomlinson, Data science; Eddye Golden, Clinical research coordination; Mark Shervey, Data architecture; Shelly (Sparshdeep) Kaur, Project coordination; Aparna (Amy) Divaraniya, Data science; Noah Zimmerman, Thought leadership; Brian Kidd, Thought leadership; Jason Bobe, Thought leadership; Ryan Viglizzo, Design assistance; Gregory Botwin, Project management; Noah Waxman, Strategy / Content direction; Lucas Werthein, Technology / Production direction; Marcelo Pontes, Architecture/ Design direction; Craig Pickard, Software development; Jorge Proaño, Software development; Marc Abbey, Front-end development

OrCam MyEye 2.0

OrCam Technologies

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Amnon Shashua and. Ziv Aviram



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Benjamin Hubert, Creative Director and Founder of LAYER; Elliott Koehler, Lead Industrial designer

Health Tag

Spire Global

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Jonathan Palley, CEO and co-founder; Neema Moraveji, Ph.D., chief scientist; Benjamin Yule, CTO and co-founder

Sway – Mindfulness In Motion


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Peng Cheng, Co-Founder, PauseAble; Marcus Woxneryd, Co-Founder, ustwo; Erik Alfredsson, Developer; Boris Kachscovsky, Developer; Jérémy Godefroid, Visual Design; Mikael Widerström, User Experience; Anna Felicia Valdés, Project Manager; Fredrik Wallin, Copywriter/Marketing; Steve Bittan, Copywriter/Marketing; Todd Baker, Sound Design



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Ryan Eder - CEO at IncludeHealth; Brandon Eder - Designer at IncludeHealth; Tony Morgan - Embedded Systems Engineer at PriorityDesigns; Brent Burchfield - Sr. Mechanical Engineer at PriorityDesigns; Billy Rupe - Prototype Specialist at PriorityDesigns; Chris Slee - Principle at AWH; Lauren Mitchell - Development Lead at AWH; Matt Grover - Senior Product Specialists at AWH


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