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Office Humor

Office Humor

Office humor can help relieve stress at the workplace. Below is a plethora of stories and archives about the funnier side of working in an office. Why don't you take the time to enjoy a joke, or ten, and forget about the latest project report. And don't worry--the following material is definitely work-safe.

Office Jokeman
You never know when or where the Jokeman will strike next!

Office Jokeman
Joke of the Week
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Office Humor for Office Fools
We opened up our can of jokes in this slideshow.

Office Humor
5 Latest Jokes
More Humor from Fast Company

Fast Company Office Humor Archive
In all the years that Fast Company has been around we have come across some funny things. Here you will find an archive of the hilarious amongst the innovative and creative ideas we've covered.

Office Handbook
An archive of our monthly feature that takes a satirical look at office rules and how they affect workers' lives.

Our Favorite Humor Links
We all have websites that we take peeks at during working hours to giggle away the stress. And if you don't, here are some pages you can start with. We guarantee a smile.