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On my first night of reporting in San Francisco, Mekanism founder Tommy Means and I tuck into the back rail of a bar. He tells me how his brother Ryan joined the Special Forces after September 11th and served in Iraq. Ryan died last year from a rare form of cancer he contracted while in the Middle East. To honor his memory, Means and his remaining brother celebrated the first annual "What Would Ryan Do" by hunting and killing wild hog with a knife. The following video is what he showed me on his phone to prove it.

Afterwards, Means took a sip of his Guinness and looked square at me. "You know, I don't buy this idea that Fast Company is the best magazine not enough people know about," quoting the brief that Mekanism created for us. "I'm just not sure that's true."

I tried to dodge, "Since when did truth matter in advertising?" And as soon as I said it I knew that it mattered to Means. Sure he can sell soap or software upgrades or corn chips or cereal, but he's enthralled with the notion of selling the truth Fast Company is trying to tell.

Then he asked, "Why do you do what you do, Mark?"

I didn't even have to think. I said, "I get off on finding stories and sharing them."

Means held up his glass and we toasted. "Sounds like the truth to me."

"Repeat Offenders"