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How Google Grows...and Grows...and Grows
... Its performance is the envy of executives and engineers around the world ... For techno-evangelists, Google is a marvel of Web brilliance ... For Wall Street, it may be the IPO that changes everything (again) ... Keith H. Hammonds
Digital Matters - Issue 52
Most everyone has written off the dotcoms. Smart investors are finding the real value. Fast Company
The Hard Life and Restless Mind of America`s Education Billionaire
John Sperling was born dirt-poor, fell in with Communists, and became a union organizer who led a strike that ended in disaster. Today, he runs the world`s largest for-profit university -- and a company whose shares are defying gravity on Wall Street. Bill Breen
Back to the Garage
Silicon Valley optimists say that now is a great time to start a new business. Everything's cheap, there's surplus talent, and as the veterans will tell you, "The tourists have all gone home. Katharine Mieszkowski
The Search for the Fastest Engine
Can an upstart from Norway outpace Google and finish first on the Web? Ian Wylie
Bad Times Are a Growth Business
DoveBid has built its fortune on the misfortunes that come with irrational exuberance -- from the junk-bond scandals of the 1980s to the dotcom implosion. Here`s how it gets the highest bidders -- and how it almost repeated the costly mistakes of its own clients. Scott Kirsner
He Struck Gold on the Net (Really)
Rob McEwen owned an underperforming gold mine in northwestern Ontario, and he needed new ideas about where to dig. So he broke new ground -- and made data on the mine available online to anyone who wanted to help. Eureka! The Internet gold rush was on. Linda Tischler
The Reeducation of Silicon Valley
There`s much going wrong in the land of silicon and software. But there`s one important thing going right. George Anders
How Google Searches Itself
Google has become one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley by helping millions of Internet users search the Web smarter and faster. But how does this wildly popular search engine find the new ideas that will keep its business moving forward? By ``googling`` itself. Fara Warner
No-Sweat Internet
Reinventors Cathy Olofson