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Business Travel

Are you a road warrior living the laptop and cellphone lifestyle? Sick of the road and looking for ways to harness technology to keep you at your home base? We've collected our best resources for business travelers looking to improving their life on the road or finding ways to avoid travel altogether.

Pack Light, Stay Connected
The Fast Company guide to travel and technology: How to fly in style and keep in touch. Alison Overholt
Quain`s Top 10: Road Weary
Ten tech tips to make your trip smoother. John R. Quain
My High-Tech Road Test
Collect the top-rated gear for road warriors, take it all on a 36-hour business trip-and what do you get? The final word on whether this stuff really works. Gina Imperato
Travel ... More and Less
Business travel today revolves around one simple idea: Cut back on it. But is that always wise? American Express`s Pam Arway distinguishes between smart travel and spending that deserves to be eliminated. Ron Lieber
Going to the Xtreme
These business travelers aren`t frequent fliers -- they`re constant fliers. Travel tips on how to work, what to pack, where to sit, whether your shuttle`s headed for an orbit in deep space or just circling over O`Hare. Polly LaBarre
3.5 Trillion Miles ... and Counting
They are the world`s most powerful promotional currency -- a medium of exchange that people manage almost as carefully as cash. So what does the future hold for frequent-flier miles? Answers to seven high-flying questions. Ron Lieber
Luggage Makes the Man
Is it true that you are what you stash in the overhead bin? We accosted a sampling of business travelers to learn what a suitcase must do to win the affection of the road-warrior elite. Christine Canabou
Virtually There?
Ideas need to move faster than ever. Global teams have to cooperate more closely than ever. Nonstop travel seems less appealing than ever. The solution: an ever-growing collection of tools for electronic collaboration. Can it be that when it comes to doing real work across long distances, we are ... Alison Overholt
The Road Frequently Traveled
Designer Martí Guixé is on the road all the time. His latest creation? A manifesto for road warriors designed to change the way they travel. Jill Rosenfeld
The Wheel Deal
What is revolutionary about the trolley case is that it changed travel behavior. Christine Canabou