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While finding quality talent for your team is an arduous task, keeping them happy and developing their skills is a far more challenging endeavour. Here's a collection of our best articles on getting the most out of your people and your organization.

Diversity without the excuses
Yes, Virginia, there are qualified minorities for top jobs. And Joe Watson finds them. Chuck Salter
True or False: You`re Hiring the Right People
If you answered "False," you may need Unicru`s smart-assessment program -- a fast-paced, real-time screening system that quickens your hiring process, improves your hit ratio, and boosts your employee-retention rate. And that`s the truth. Alison Overholt
Can This Off-Site Be Saved?
Skip the PowerPoint. Forget the whiteboards and butcher paper. If you want to organize an off-site that is energetic and memorable -- an event that actually makes a difference -- then follow our seven-point guide. Cheryl Dahle
Keep Your Balance
HR wizard Russell Campanello stresses the importance of work-life programs for recruiting and retaining employees, and offers advice to team leaders and employees working to design a life that works. Anni Layne
Survival Tactic: Recognize Your Female Talent
The founders of Fine Line Consulting know why corporate America needs more women at the top. Here, they discuss the roadblocks to retaining and rewarding female talent -- and prescribe solutions for vaulting those barriers. Nancy Einhart
When It Comes to Growing Talent, He`s the Master
Dave Master, that is. He`s turned high-school students into Hollywood animators. His techniques can draw our the best in you people. Debra Feinstein
The War for Talent
According to a yearlong study conducted by McKinsey & Co., the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent. It`s also the resource in shortest supply. Are you ready to fight for your fair share? Charles Fishman
The Care and Feeding of Talent
The war for talent has become one of the fiercest battles of the new economy. Let's talk for a moment about how you recruit employees, train them, and keep them happy. George Anders
The Bear Market`s Happiest Man
Tom Neff explains what companies from Lucent to Yahoo! are looking for in their new leaders. Hint: Internet-startup experience is not enough. Jennifer Reingold
Do You See What I See?
Each of us sees the world through our own lens, says one diversity consultant. You can`t move beyond your own biases if you don`t recognize them. Take this test to see how your belief systems compare with others`. Keith H. Hammonds