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A good plan is only as good as its execution. These articles will help you define your strategy quickly and teach you how to put that plan to work, fast.

Turnaround Artists
Two seasoned renewal strategists offer a prescription for the corporate blahs. Carter Pate and Harlan Platt`s medicine doesn`t taste too good, but it may help cure what ails you. Ryan Underwood
Nike`s Women`s Movement
Can a famously high-testosterone company, built on brash ads and male athletic fantasies, finally click with female customers? That?s the challenge behind Nike Goddess, whose goal is a once-and-for-all shift in how the company sells to, designs for, and communicates with women. Fara Warner
Fast Talk: Smarter Moves for Tougher Times
A roundtable of seasoned business leaders assembled in Dallas to come up with short-term tactics for surviving the downturn and long-term strategies for winning in the future. Fast Company
High Stakes, Big Bets
Tom Burbage and his 500-person team at Lockheed Martin went after the biggest military deal in U.S. history -- and scored a $200 billion victory: a contract to build the Joint Strike Fighter. They didn`t play it safe; they played to win. Bill Breen
Steve Ballmer`s Big Moves
Microsoft`s CEO faces a challenge that has been the undoing of many leaders in many industries: Can a giant company that dominated one era lead in the next? George Anders
The Not-So-Quick Fix
When Anne M. Mulcahy took over as president of Xerox, the copier giant was in shambles. Her mission? Figure out how to institute some big changes -- without wrecking the company in the process. Keith H. Hammonds
How to SMASH Your Strategy
IBM?s revolutionary approach to computing just might offer a new direction in strategy -- one that bridges the gap between brilliant insight and flawless execution. Charles Fishman
How EDS Got Its Groove Back
Before Dick Brown took the reins at EDS, people wrote the company off as slow, stodgy, even uncool. By focusing on the soft stuff -- the company`s culture -- he`s turned EDS into the leading example of an old-economy company that gets it. Bill Breen
Seven Strategies for Successful Alliances
Whether striking a new business partnership or building a coalition government, you can benefit from these tricks of the trade. Two veteran negotiators share their strategies for forging and maintaining successful long-term relationships. Linda Tischler
Getting to Peace
How does alliance management play out on the international stage? Two strategy experts offer advice to Arafat and Sharon, Powell and Musharraf. Linda Tischler