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Technology and Public Service

The concept of "giving back" to one's community is not new, but the people and organizations highlighted in this selection of features are learning how to use technology to improve their lives and their communities, and bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots in modern society.

Genius at Change
Social entrepreneur Bill Strickland offers advice from the front lines of change -- San Francisco's nonprofit Bayview-Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology. Anni Layne
62 Ways to Give Back
Fast Company leaders offer inspiration and guidance for giving back during this holiday season. Fast Company
He`s a Model Citizen for the 21st Century
Silicon Valley`s Tom Hayes is a man with a plan -- to create charities as smart and agile as their counterparts in business. Michael S. Malone
Health and the Profit Motive
Victoria Hale creates the country`s first nonprofit pharmaceutical company. Alison Overholt
Here, Charity Begins On-Site
One Click Faster Amy Wilson Sheldon
Making Unseen America Visible
Bread and roses transforms ordinary working americans into artists with cameras. Daniel H. Pink
Here`s a Business Plan to Fight Poverty
The social entrepreneur who pioneered `microlending` has launched a new company. Its goal: a cell-phone in every village. Peter Carbonara
Can We Stay As Smart As Our Stuff?
In a new era of smart everything -- tires, airplanes, and appliances -- humans may be hard-pressed to keep up. Christopher Meyer
Unwiring the World
Small, intelligent communities are working to combat the digital divide. Bonnie Schwartz
Digital Rx
When leaders of the Detroit Medical Center launched a major financial turnaround two years ago, they saw that they had a big money problem. Here`s how the DMC is using digital remedies to treat its fiscal condition. Scott Kirsner