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Getting Your MBA

The Internet has revolutionized the world of business. How has the rise and fall of the new economy affected business schools? Find out here.

Get Smart Part One: Admissions Report
Will a declining economy and the dotcom meltdown prompt a rush on the nation`s best business schools? Admissions offices nationwide are standing by, waiting to see if NASDAQ troubles will prompt a deluge of MBA applications. John Hoult

Get Smart Part Two: Recruiting Report
Banking and consulting remain strong on B-school campuses, while techies spurn startups in favor of infrastructure companies and well-funded firms. Anni Layne

Get Smart Part Three: Curriculum Report
As the Internet changes the rules of the game, MBA curricula are evolving to keep up. Cecilia Rothenberger

First Jobs Aren`t Child`s Play
Your youngest recruits may be fresh out of college, but they`re ready to make grown-up contributions to your company. Here`s how smart companies are getting the most out of their youngest employees. Ron Lieber

The Great Talent Caper
Forget everything you thought you knew about recruiting. These days, if you can`t "peel back" a URL or "flip and X-Ray" a Web site, you`ll never be able to find the best people. Anna Muoio

Change Agent - Issue 38
"The core curriculum at business schools is as close to irrelevant as you can imagine. Seth Godin

What They don`t Teach You about in B-school
Should you go to business school? If so, how do you get in? And if you go, what will you take away? If you want to pass the B-school test, take a lesson from some B-school students. Lisa Chadderdon

MBA Front Lines
Professors, faculty members, and second-year students at ten of America`s most recognized business schools contribute survival advice and lessons. Fast Company

MBA Isn`t a Four-Letter Word
While some question the relevance of a B-school education in this era of distance learning and fast-track careers, the Wharton School`s Robert E. Mittelstaedt Jr. argues for the sustaining value of an MBA. Robert E. Mittelstaedt Jr.

Extreme Networking: MBAs Show the Way
And you think you know how to work a crowd? Linda Tischler