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Retaining Talent

What good is hiring quality talent if they're back out of the door before their ink on their business cards is dry? Here's a collection of our best articles on keeping the high-impact employees on your team happy, healthy, stealthy and most of all, feeling appreciated.

Handle With Care
How UPS handles packages starts with how it handles its people. Here are five lessons on the art of delivering for your people. Keith H. Hammonds
Gone, but Not Forgotten
No company likes to dismiss its talented employees because of a rotten economy. But there?s a way to keep people working with you even after they stop working for you. Here is a five-point program on how to build a successful alumni network for your company. Christine Canabou
Job Search 101
Author Ben Cheever knows what it takes to look for -- and land -- a job. After losing his, he worked at a sandwich bar, sold computers, and stocked books (and failed a math test to be a stockbroker). Here are his five rules for finding work in today`s tough job market. Alison Overholt
7 Lessons From WaMu`s Playbook
Mergers and acquisitions are, once again, shaking up all kinds of industries. The big question: How do you do them right? Here`s the playbook according to Washington Mutual, one of the best in the business. George Anders
Ford`s Drive for Balance
The auto giant is test-driving a new approach to work-life issues: Let family and friends, as well as business colleagues, evaluate your performance. The goal: "Total Leadership for the New Economy. Keith H. Hammonds
Bonuses Aren`t Just for the Bosses
Brad Hill is teaching rank-and-file workers in tough jobs how to devise incentive plans. In the process, they`re being rewarded with things that money can`t buy -- more dignity and a greater sense of purpose. Rekha Balu
Recruiting and Retaining Talent
How can a city attract bright, young talent without a powerful business community? How can a city grow a powerful business community without bright, young talent? Julie Piotrowski and Christine Canabou
Hire Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Tough question: How can you hold onto your best people? Honest answer: You probably can`t. The real goal is to keep great people working with you, even after they`ve stopped working for you. Scott Kirsner
Jobs for Life
Ernst & Young is a cautious firm that has embarked on a bold experiment to address deeply personal questions about work. The goal, say the people behind these programs, is to create jobs for life. Pamela Kruger
How Do You Feel?
"Emotional intelligence" is starting to find its way into companies, offering employees a way to come to terms with their feelings -- and to perform better. But as the field starts to grow, some worry that it could become just another fad. Tony Schwartz