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It's not easy, but it's occasionally necessary; what's the most productive way to let an employee go without letting go entirely? And if you've been down-sized, what should you do next -- and is it worth remaining in touch with your former employer and co-workers? Here are several resources to help you send your former employees off in the style they deserve -- as well as how to bounce back after a layoff.

Gone, but Not Forgotten
No company likes to dismiss its talented employees because of a rotten economy. But there`s a way to keep people working with you even after they stop working for you. Here is a five-point program on how to build a successful alumni network for your company. Christine Canabou
The Four Toughest Talks in Business
Strategies and scripts for those difficult conversations you don`t want to have. Michael Kaplan
Making the Cut: Managing the Layoff Process
. Katherine Hammer
You Fire Them; They Fire Back
People who get fired, says career consultant Marilyn Moats Kennedy, often fall into one of three personality types. Michael Kaplan