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Women <amp></amp> Leadership

Memo to Men: Think You're in Charge? Think Again. Here's a collection of leading ladies who not only proving they belong, they're leading the charge into the 21st century.

The Carly Chronicles
An Inside Look at Her Campaign to Reinvent HP George Anders
The Female CEO ca. 2002
Here are the five naked truths about women in business. Together they add up to one big message: The future of business depends on women. Margaret Heffernan
Leap of Faith
Skydiving champion Cheryl Stearns, who has jumped out of airplanes more times than any other woman on the planet, explains how she uses fear to her advantage, makes soft landings, and plans a world-record plunge from 130,000 feet (seriously). Chuck Salter
Banker`s Hours
Janey Place, who runs e-commerce strategy for Mellon Financial, firmly believes in the Internet. But she doesn`t believe in the overheated urgency of Internet time or the "ready, fire, aim" model of Internet strategy. Bill Breen
Sister Cities
Fast Company visits Houston, San Francisco, and Boston in search of female leaders with smart advice for tough times. Here, a dozen powerful women (and a few men) share their thoughts on leadership, crisis, and mentoring. Fast Company
Trendsetter - Hilary Billings
From Pottery Barn to the feel of a room at the W Hotel to finding just the right gift at RedEnvelope, Hilary Billings has mastered the art of creating "lifestyle brands" -- products and services that forge an emotional connection with customers. Ron Lieber
Stay on Track
Indy driver Sarah Fisher isn`t racing to catch up with the boys. She is patiently gaining speed and experience to build a career that will outlast the setback of a high-profile crash and earn her a regular place in the starting lineup. Good advice for any fast-track career. Anni Layne
Face Time With Meg Whitman
The CEO of eBay runs one of the few dotcoms that`s still left standing. Charles Fishman
She Reads Customers` Minds
Alissa Kozuh of tries to understand what customers are looking for by analyzing the words they type into the site`s search engine -- all 45,000 of them. Ron Lieber
What If Carly Were a Man?
The dirty little secret of Carly Fiorina (and every other woman CEO, for that matter): They`re held to a different standard than guys. George Anders