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Leading Your Team

If you want to lead a team, then you have to understand what makes teams tick. These stories offer the best of our articles on the nature and importance of teamwork.

Survival Kit for Project Managers
Tools and Ideas to be faster. Eric Matson
You Have to Start Meeting Like This!
We work -- therefore we meet. But why do so few of our meetings meet our expectations? Michael Begeman may be the world`s foremost expert on the business world`s most universal ritual. Here`s his short course on running meetings that will work for you. Gina Imperato
Natural Leader
Rayona Sharpnack is a teacher and a mentor to some of the most powerful women in some of the most important companies around. Her message: Don`t worry so much about what you need to know. Instead, figure out who you need to be. Cheryl Dahle
Trickle-Up Leadership
"If people are too intimidated or too reluctant to help their leaders lead, their leaders will fail," says Michael Useem, the author of a new book about how you can take control -- even when you`re not in command. Bill Breen
Down the Up Staircase
A British TV series invites CEOs to leave their offices, head to the front lines, and find out what's going on at their companies. The results are eye-opening -- and millions are watching. Ian Wylie
The Reeducation of an Internet CEO
A year after MicroStrategy Inc. made our Agenda issue for its visionary use of the Web, the company`s outspoken CEO shares the keys to surviving a nearly catastrophic crash. Chuck Salter
If Nominated, You Don`t Have to Serve
"Often, becoming a team leader doesn`t feel like a promotion," says Learning Point's Mark Christensen. "The rewards don`t feel commensurate with the responsibility you feel. But you need to stay with it. Eric Matson
Unit of One Anniversary Handbook
We invited 30 leading figures from our first 6 issues to offer one new idea or one innovative practice that can make a difference to you. Fast Company
Never Do What You Can Delegate
Your job as a team leader is to provide the tools, motivation, and direction the team needs to do the work itself. Eric Matson
Every Leader Tells a Story
Forget bullet points and slide shows. The best leaders use stories to answer three simple questions: Who am I? Who are we? Where are we going?. . . So what`s your story? Elizabeth Weil