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Who are the world's leading authorities on leadership and what can you learn from them? Here's a roundup of thoughtful and hard-won lessons from some of the smartest minds in the business world and beyond.

That`s exactly what Philippe Gaulier teaches leaders not to be. He uses theatrical techniques in order to help would-be leaders find their inner clowns. Harriet Rubin
Everything I Thought I Knew about Leadership Is Wrong
To get rich, do you have to be miserable? To be successful, do you have to punish your customers? Tough questions from a CEO who`s smart enough to admit he doesn`t have all the answers. Mort Meyerson
Finbarr O`Neill Is Not a Car Guy
How the CEO of Hyundai Motor America, a corporate lawyer by training, engineered the most unlikely turnaround in the auto business -- and kicked Hyundai into gear. Fara Warner
Grassroots Leadership: U.S. Military Academy
"You can`t lead without making sacrifices." -- Cadet Randy Hopper, U.S. Keith H. Hammonds
Harry Kraemer`s Moment of Truth
In an era when the business section read like the police blotter, the CEO of Baxter International faced a tough ethical dilemma. And he did something noteworthy: He actually did the right thing. Keith H. Hammonds
He`s the Voice of the Tiananmen Generation
In China, says activist-turned-capitialist Li Lu, business has become the ultimate expression of individuality. Stephan Somogyi
How to be a Real Leader
Kevin Cashman advises leaders from companies such as American Express, Pillsbury, and Rollerblade. His message: "To be more effective with others, we first need to become more effective with ourselves. Polly LaBarre
John Chambers, After the Deluge
How do you guide a legendary growth company through the worst slump in its history? That`s the challenge that faces Cisco`s CEO. In an in-depth interview, John Chambers explains how to slow down smart, why the Internet still matters, and what to do when your customers stop buying. George Anders
Natural Leader
Rayona Sharpnack is a teacher and a mentor to some of the most powerful women in some of the most important companies around. Her message: Don`t worry so much about what you need to know. Instead, figure out who you need to be. Cheryl Dahle
The Five Most Powerful Ways to Annoy Others
. Harriet Rubin