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Leadership Style

In uncertain times, leaders must have the skills and will to lead through ambiguity and complexity. Do you have what it takes to show true leadership? In these hand-picked articles, top leaders and thinkers identify the keys to leadership success.

David Rockwell Has a Lot of Nerve
This was the year that business lost its nerve. Bill Breen
The Five Most Powerful Ways to Annoy Others
. Harriet Rubin
Sudden Impact
There are few career moments as exciting -- and these days, as perilous -- as taking over the top job at a company, business unit, or department. Linda Tischler
25 Rules for Leaders
Fast Company`s recent RealTime San Diego generated a remarkable collection of ideas, tools, and inspirational advice. Here are 25 of the smartest insights that we took away from the event. Linda Tischler
Bill Seidman: The Enforcer
According to Bill Seidman, the federal janitor hired to mop up the 1980s S&L scandal, the Enron debacle will ultimately benefit the marketplace. Here, the author of "Full Faith and Credit" draws parallels, points fingers, and offers advice for enforcers to come. Bill Breen
Attention, Class!!! 16 Ways to Be a Smarter Teacher
In an economy filled with surprise and uncertainty, being an effective leader means being a good teacher. Chuck Salter
Business Fights Back: Continental`s Turnaround Pilot
Before September 11, Bonnie Reitz was a central figure in the transformation that saved Continental Airlines. Now, in the aftermath of terror, she gets to do it all over again: "This is our time to lead. How we respond can set us apart. Keith H. Hammonds
He`s Belfast`s Security Blanket
John Toner runs Belfast`s Europa Hotel, which has been the target of so many terrorist attacks that he stopped counting long ago. Who has time? Everyone is too busy getting back to work. Ian Wylie
Leader - Feargal Quinn
Ireland`s "Pope of Customer Service" dominates his market -- and continues to beat bigger rivals -- with a leadership philosophy that is at once folksy and radical. Behind all his success is one big question: How do we convince our customers to come back? Polly LaBarre
A CEO Grieves
The leader of Forrester Research, George F. Colony carries the weight of loss -- of family members, Forrester`s president, and a friend aboard one of the hijacked flights. In a message to employees, Colony offered his perspective on grief. Fast Company