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Innovation and Creativity

What good is a business plan if its the same old clunker of an idea with a new face? Learn here about the value of ideas, the creation of new strategies and goals, and finding your inner creativity.

Hit Man (Part 1)
Tony Soprano is back (finally). Six Feet Under is tops (now). And Chris Albrecht is smiling (really). The head of HBO is the most original mind in television. Here's his program for innovation. Polly LaBarre
Failure Is Glorious
Alberto Alessi transformed his family`s ho-hum housewares business into a trendsetting design giant. His secret: walking the borderline between genius and failure. Ian Wylie
How Intel Puts Innovation Inside
Everybody worships at the altar of innovation. But it takes a company such as Intel to distill the very essence of innovation and turn it into a set of learnable, repeatable practices. George Anders
Lilly`s R&D Prescription
How does pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly accelerate the pace while reducing the cost of innovation? By corralling scientists around the world in a Web-based system of eR&D. Bill Breen
Mr. Patent
Marvin Johnson can`t seem to stop innovating. The plainspoken scientist from Phillips Petroleum has 212 patents to his name. Here are the surprising secrets of his creative success. Alison Overholt
Green Giant
The next force for business transformation won`t be digital, it will be horticultural. That`s the disruptive idea behind the awe-inspiring Eden Project. Ian Wylie
The Road to Recovery
This collection of dispatches from around the world offers a detailed map for companies and their leaders on the road to recovery. Linda Tischler
Can TiVo Go Prime Time?
TiVo Inc. has what every young company dreams of: smart executives, a killer product, famous (and fanatical) customers, a huge potential market. Scott Kirsner
Size is Not a Strategy
The faster big business cleans up its ethical mess, the sooner we can address the real crisis of capitalism. Giant companies dominate the landscape -- from media to medicine, banking to broadband. Keith H. Hammonds
Fresh Start 2002: Weird Ideas That Work
Do you need a fresh start on creativity? Stanford professor Robert Sutton is a unique voice with an urgent message about how to generate and capitalize on new ideas. Polly LaBarre