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Hiring Employees

Whether building a team or adding talent to an expanding company, hiring decisions are among the most difficult and important choices to make. These Fast Company features can help you identify the skills you need your employees to possess, find the employees you need, and how to link them up with the teams that will best bring out their potential.

Full House
Executives at Las Vegas`s Bellagio Hotel screened 84,000 candidates, did 27,000 interviews, and hired 9,600 people -- in 24 weeks. Now Cisco wants to know how they did it. Bill Breen
Man With a (Talent) Plan
Electronic Arts makes some of the world`s most popular computer games. It`s Rusty Rueff`s job to fill the company with some of the world`s best gamers and software programmers. Anna Muoio
War for Talent II: Seven Ways to Win
McKinsey & Co. surveyed 6,900 senior executives and young managers from 56 companies to figure out the secrets of a smart plan to win the battle for great people. Fast Company
Where Are You on the Talent Map?
What`s the secret to power hiring? Location, location, location. If you want to attract the right kind of people, it`s not enough to be the right kind of company. Your company needs to be in the right kind of place. Bill Breen
How to Give Good Feedback
People won`t get great at their jobs unless you do a great job of giving them feedback. So why are performance reviews the most hated ritual in business? Here`s a five-point program to improve your performance with reviews. Gina Imperato
Talent Rules!
Ten guiding principles for recruiting, retaining, and motivating great people from John Patterson, vice president of talent at Anni Layne
How to Hire the Next Michael Jordan
If you want to recruit superstars -- the best of the best -- then you have to find them differently, evaluate them differently, and offer them jobs differently. Here`s a short course from John Sullivan, the Michael Jordan of hiring. Gina Imperato
Gene Pool, Talent Pool: Hiring Is All in the Family
At Southwest Airlines, the term "corproate family" is more than just an overused metaphor. Gina Imperato
Hiring Right Means Hiring Fast
My Smartest Mistake: Quality talent matters -- but so does time. Rekha Balu
How`s This for a Tough Assignment?
You think you face a tough battle for talent? Carlos Ponce`s assignment is to get really smart people to take really tough jobs -- as teachers in Chicago`s public-school system. Here`s his recruitment curriculum. Jill Rosenfeld